Animal Shirt throwdown

@MerchCzar the game has been changed in the Animal shirt arena, many people are waiting to hear your response to Sam Smith bodying you and taking Animal Shirts to a place no one thought possible


This needed a thread for sure


Oh won’t you stay with me, ‘cause you’re all I need.

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Honestly, what is happening recently? A lot of these threads are being created by long time users too.

Edit: wow, he got fat.


I’m sorry I offended the thread/fun police, felt like a fun thing to post. Didn’t see any recent animal shirt threads. Mods take it down if you please

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Don’t worry. It’s an easily offended crowd. I liked the post.

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Why does Sam Smith look like he’s deep in the anime scene and has a substantial rap sheet of petty crimes and driving offenses? That Tom Petty lawsuit really rocked him, eh?