An Open Letter to the NLU Boys

I wanted to write this as a thank you to the NLU boys for what they have done to grow my love of the game of golf. As I feel many others have been similarly impacted by the “work” they have done I did not want to make this private so that others could share their stories of how NLU has impacted their love of the game of golf.

When I started seriously playing the game of golf a few years ago I felt like I was alone. I felt like the way that I looked at the game of golf was very different from the way that the few other people that I knew that played approached the game. Very quickly I became obsessed with learning about courses I was playing and discovering what about particular courses/holes made me enjoy playing them.

From their videos on YT with guests like Zach Blair and podcast episodes with guests like Andy Johnson I learned a new way to appreciate the game. I learned a new way of looking at the golf hole in front of me and rather than just pull out a driver and rip it observe the hole, think of all my options, and at times as off brand as it might be lay up. Learning how to look at a golf hole differently and play the same course over and over (Audubon Park Golf Course) while playing it differently every time has been one of the most fun things to learn; and I thank the NLU boys for their part in that.

When I found the NLU Podcast & YouTube channel (I watched S1 of Tourist Sauce in 1 day) I felt like I found a group of buddies who looked at golf the same way that I did. Knowing that I am merely one of the many thousands of people that follow the fellas wherever they go and with whatever they do I feel like they have a way of connecting with their community unlike many other social celbs who fail to do so.

In conclusion, keep it up fellas and I look forward to continuing to follow y’all’s journey.



I approved this post because the author took time to write a really nice thing to us, which is obviously much appreciated and flattering. So thanks, @LivingLagunaLoca!

Also, as always, please pass along any criticisms/suggestions for us, here or elsewhere. We need to hear that as well.


I echo that!
Additionally, NLU helps me connect with my son.
I’m old. 63. My son, a college golfer is 20. Discussing the latest NLU pod is one of our favorite activities. You guys give me a younger somewhat hipper perspective on the game.
Today I had a bad lie from a tough spot and hit it stiff.
“Back foot trap draw!!” My old buddies had no clue what I was talking about!!


More of a suggestion; encourage singles who want to attend future events to come. Not everyone has a golf buddy to travel with, and y’all’s events could become a great place for people to meet and create golf buddies they can travel with in the future.


Love this!

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A step ahead of the NLU boys…
This is how we went to junior events. Mostly in central / northern Cali.
This is how I took


You must be evacuated from or waiting out tropical storm Barry. Love your thoughts. Very much parallel to my experience over the years. Come play golf in West Feliciana Parish any time.
(That goes for anyone)
Laisezz nous Les lancer

(Eyewitness to the first miracle of St Rappeo)


I’d like to see less sandbagging from @Soly and maybe add a few more colors to the scripting color wheel (there’s only so much blue a man can wear).

I’d like to see @Tron being a bit more cantankerous (seriously getting a little too chummy and down right nice/not turncoat with some folks).

I’d like to see more fro/flo from @MerchCzar and just him viciously swinging a club.

I’d like to see more obscure music references from @djpie and really just more of him (#forgottenman)

I’d like to see @Randy get some more run with the c-suiters in the pro-ams. I mean talk about an electric factory.

In all seriousness you guys do a great job. I try to tell as many people to tune into your stuff as I know. You guys continually produce the best content for anyrhing I consume, from any sport. The video stuff is unreal. The quality of the strapped and tourist sauce seasons are unbelievable.

Keep cracking on.


The NLU Crew bas helped me to see golf in a totally different way than my typical, boring “play the hole, and grind to make a good score” approach. I subbed in the middle of 2018, and thanks to @Randy and company (Randy you might be too good), Tuesday has been my favorite day for a year now (and probably will be for many more). My club twirls have improved exponentially, and thanks to the unique variety of content, the channel finds a way to make me laugh every day.

Probably the best part is that every time I go play a round, I can hear the little @Soly on my shoulder saying, “If you lay up here, there WILL be sanctions next time you go out” which usually helps me stay on brand. Personally, I’ve made 4 eagles in 7 months, which is a personal best for me, so thanks to them for that too!

But all jokes aside, the content the boys make is top notch and it is beyond me how they aren’t deep into 7 figures in terms of subscribers. I really hope to meet them in person at one of the NLU events in the future, and here’s to many years of content to come! clinks imaginary glasses together

Crack on,


My wife and I decided to evacuate. Neither of us had a reason to stay for work and with a 1 yr old and two dogs it made sense to leave in case we lost power or flooded at all.


The NLU world has definitely expanded my appreciation of the game and it’s history which, being a naturally obsessive geek, I fell into with ease. And the pod / YT content is pretty much the only decent quality work around for golf nuts.

More than anything else it has introduced me to a global network of people I now see as friends. Not just the RACDG lot but chatting to the various characters on here.

As for ‘improvements’ I think I’ve said before that some non-US specific content and tone would be cool. Just so us Euros feel included a bit. :slight_smile:

Also, if you don’t find a way to get @Lazstradamus involved officially then what are we even doing here.


Agreed… and don’t forget us antipodeans!


Definitely agree with @The_Cad_Says & @oldmannoodles re the US-centric perspective on all things, which is at the same time totally understandable because all five members of NLU are American and also I would assume that’s where 85% or more of their audience is.

I do give them a lot of points though for getting around a fair bit to showcase golf in various corners of the world. It has always surprised me that Andy J doesn’t do the same and, from what I can gather, has never played golf outside North America. I’ve actually come to develop this (joking but maybe not really) theory that Andy has some major felony on his record that prevents him from leaving the US… :joy:


That can’t possibly be true?! :astonished: