AMA/Fitting thread/Nandy loves half of the answers but hates the other half

Hello all!

I recently heard the NLU guys talk a bit about equipment in the most recent Nest Pod. I thought it would be a fun idea to simply start the equipment discussion or offer any advice to anyone here who wanted.

A bit about me: I’m a PGA professional, certified Callaway Master Fitter, and a member of the Callaway National Fitters Board(I do fit other brands as well, but no free ads…). Club fitting and building is my career and passion and I love helping people get the right clubs in their hands to enjoy this crazy game as much as they can!

I don’t know everything about everything, but I love talking about equipment.

If this thread stays alive, great! If not, no worries I just wanted to have a great ongoing discussion about the tools we use to play this great game!


Ok look, two guys are about to mug you in here. Stay if you want, but I’d bail. Good luck!


@nandersen I just found your new best friend


And @gatorz7888 we found your mortal enemy


May be a dumb question… if I order a used driver that plays 46” but I play a 44.5”… how does cutting down that shaft affect how it plays? You advise against doing that?

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I hope you poked around before you posted this. Might not know what you are starting.


We don’t have time for this tonight


Might feel a bit more stiff but worth the experiment in my opinion. I play mine at 44’’.


Appreciate it @JDSPGA

Now excuse me @gatorz7888 while I



Now I need to know the real agenda behind this question…

@JDSPGA people are just giving you some lighthearted ribbing. Thanks for showing up! We have lots of questions for you.

The agenda is “there’s an Epic Flash on eBay for under $200”


Bring it.

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I’m all about it!

If a fitter recommends cutting a driver down an inch, is there a way to demo that without actually trimming? How does choking up compare?

Thinking about factors like swing weight, total weight, etc.

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Excited to witness a never before seen level of Dunning Kruger in this thread as people tell you that ACTUALLY you don’t know what you’re talking about.


In my opinion no. Choking up does not replicate trimming it down. I hate the feeling of choking up on it. I keep shorter shafts in my fitting set up for this reason.


Is there a way to replicate it, maybe, choking up and adding lead tape to get to the correct SW? Or is it just chase her as she goes.

My fitter loosely recommended I think about butt-trimming my driver half an inch, or an inch, just for “more control” (obviously tour guys generally play slightly shorter drivers), and while this interests me, buying two shafts doesn’t.

What do you define as the “correct SW” ?

Lots of variance on driver swing weight out on tour.


Suppose I have my driver at D-2, then, choking up on it- say, one inch - is going to reduce the effective swing weight by almost six points (or, at least, this is what happens if you cut it down an inch). So adding lead tape to make “one-inch choked up” feel like D-2 again.

edit: IIRC, choking up on a wedge changes the swingweight feel, right?