All The Podcasts Are Down

Did I time it just right, or did somebody not pay the bill?

Jessica and Nelly Korda shows full time of podcast at 00:00, as does the Ernie Els Episode and the Lydia Ko / Karen Stupples Episode. Play button doesn’t work, and I just listened to the the Lydia/Karen one.

“The warning lights are blinking red again”


Stitcher has the meta (time, episode, etc.) but they don’t play either.

Anyone have any idea of when the next pod is coming? Been craving some Open primers. Maybe we aren’t getting any.

Soly replied to someone on the twitter that they’re recording a UK British Open presented by Her Majesty the Queen pod today and will release this afternoon/evening.


So those former ones like with the Kordas… just, no? Not ever gonna happen?