Akshay Bhatia & Neil Johnson & Luke Potter

I’m all about irresponsible takes/projections. Over/under is kind of confusing with OWGR numbers but will he be ranked better [under] or worse [over] 75.5 in OWGR 2 years from now?

I can’t hear you over all the Matt Wolff instagram videos.

Tbh I don’t know a lot about AB, except that he’s another GG student??. Tell us more.


Another GG student but with a ton of silk. Ripping through junior tournaments and is bypassing a college career. If I had to guess, he’ll turn pro ahead of the RSM Classic.


So is he for sure not going to college? Heard Andy Johnson of the Shotgun Start saying he’s going to Wake Forest, but I think he got confused bc Bhatia lives in Wake Forest, NC


Apparently he is home schooled? Made me think of Lexi Thompson --who was also home schooled and turned pro at a very young age.

I just wonder what kind of social life you can have under those conditions and then jumping right into a life of non-stop traveling


He is home-schooled.

Kid we played with in the junior am said that he’s never seen him miss a putt that mattered. And he practices putting an INSANE amount. Essentially as can’t miss as can’t miss gets.


I’m taking the over considering he still has a year until he turns 18, so he can’t turn pro before Jan 31, 2020. So 2 years from now, he will have one year of professional experience under his belt. It’s just too hard to shoot up the OWGR.

For perspective, Sungjae Im led the Web order last year, and is arguably the most consistent Web grad currently on Tour and his highest position is 82nd. Cam Champ freaking won a Tour event this year and has maxed out at 79th. You’d basically be asking this kid to start winning multiple professional events the same year he turns pro which is a crazy high bar to set.

I like the kid but there are way too many good players out there still.

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ombre is a hair color
hombre, bad is what Ashkay Bhatia is.


thank you for the correction

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I don’t know much, but I do know the kid needs to hit the weight room…or the bar room.

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Dude is young, but is dominating junior golf at the moment at a level that rivals or betters what Spieth did as a junior (I was junior same time as spieth so I followed closely. Just won the Jones Cup against top College Players as a High Schooler. There are good juniors, and then there are guys who are special. Both Wolff and Bhatia fall right in the special category. Expect to see both as very successful pros. Think Spieth/Thomas/Niemann/Rahm level of success early. Joaquinn is gonna do big things as well as long as his back continues to function

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So, some GOAT material?? haha

Haha early success as in locking up their tour cards and contending as first and second year pros. I’m talking early success pre-winning a bunch of majors and becoming icons early. Although they certainly both have plenty of talent and demonstrated winning ability to be on that level some day. I’m surprised an astute golf follower like yourself is calling Thomas/Spieth GOAT material tho. Also good work cutting out Rahm/Niemann from my original post to fit your witty reply.

I’m higher on Michael Thorbjornson
That kid can rip


And I’ll say what others may be afraid to say but we are all thinking it… this kid’s parents appear to have taken a page out of the Earl Woods parenting handbook and be fucking him over for life. Bhatia admits to having no friends, no social life, and really knows nothing but golf. Kinda sad.


Very sad.
He has no personality.

But hey, he’ll be rich and marry well I’m sure. Better than all of us (except @The_Cad_Says of course)

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The only way to ‘marry well’ is to marry someone who is kind. The rest is just gravy.

As for the kid, best to wait and see. Could be the new Tiger. Could be the saviour of golf. Could grow the game. Could be the GOAT. Could also implode and end up selling blood for meth cash after he’s sued his parents and lost their home in an online scam to a Nigerian prince and turn up in an Alan Shipnuck op ed in ten years about washed up former athletes leading psych wards for high pressure kids who’ve lost their fucking minds. Odds are not in his favour.


At one point in time there was a “day in the life” video of him that his friend undoubtedly produced. It was…as cringeworthy as you’d expect it to be. Alot of teenagers rapping along to Drake in a BMW. My guess is that his team as already scrubbed it from the internet. He’ll certainly be removed from reality like many of the up and comers are. I suppose that’s what separates them (cold blooded tournament golfers) from us (people who post on a message board about golf).


except for Tiger, these guys generally go Icarito on their CAREER early on.