Aces - how many you have?


I’ve only witnessed one and it was on hole 17. My buddy promptly pumped the ball in an “out of play creek” on the next tee shot (think 100 yards left of center of the fairway…a creek running along the far side of the adjacent hole).

Update - I even underestimated it!


I was telling myself to put it away, but after the hole in one there was no effing way i was! I was thinking albatros then lotto tickets!


Your definition of out of play, and my definition of out of play are completely different. Hell, it’s only one fairway over, that hazard is definitely in play in my world.


I have one. It was more than 20 years ago, so I’m starting to feel like maybe I’m due.

If it does end up being the only one I ever make, I will always have the satisfaction of knowing that I called it before it happened. As we walked up to the 16th tee, I saw where the pin was and for some reason I said out loud to the guys I was playing with (two old friends and a coworker in from out of town) “someone is making a hole in one here.”

It was my home course at the time (Riverton CC), and my buddies were seeing it for the first time. The hole was cut in the front left of a two tiered green in a spot where the two dominant slopes would tend to funnel a good shot. I told them to play to the center of the green (past the pin) and use the slope. There is a huge tree behind the green that stands over the 17th tee, hit it into the slope in line with that tree.

It was 156. I hit a 7 iron that landed on the square inch I was aiming for. From there it was just a matter of time. As that ball took the slope and started heading for the hole, those guys started cheering for it. When we saw it drop they lost their minds. I was quiet. I never said anything like "go in!, or be good - I just stood there watching it roll. When it went in, I didn’t say anything, I just put my arms up - all completely involuntary.

I wrote all the details on the ball (date, hole, distance, club) and had the guys initial it. It’s on a shelf in my office, and I bring it to our fantasy football draft every year for good luck (and because my two buddies hate it).


Lol I can appreciate that, but…that white line is ~110 yards!


Aces are so lucky they border on embarrassing. For this hack, I’ve been embarrassed 5 times. #1 was in June 1993 during a charity event, won a car but accepted the cash offer thus losing my amateur status. #2 was 5 weeks later on a pulled 5 iron that ricochet off green-side hill into the hole. #3 was the most interesting as playing in a 5-some, we had back-to-back aces in March 2000 on a 165 yd 3 par. #'s 4 & 5 were routine embarrassments. Perhaps more than all of these, my deceased Father along with my 3 brothers all enjoyed at least one embarrassing moment with aces made during the game we all love.


I want to be embarrassed


One of my hole-outs was like that.

#18 at Meadow Hills in Aurora. The green is tucked back in a peninsula with OB on three sides and anything that misses the green kicks away toward the OB, which is defined by a split rail fence so the ball can easily run right under it. (At least that’s how it was 20+ years ago when I was playing there.)

I hit an approach that just missed the green and kicked hard right to where it looked like it was just under the fence. Couldn’t tell if it was OB or not. Played a provisional that landed a few paces past the hole and spun right back in the jar.

Then it was a case of walking up and really hoping that the ball was OB because if it wasn’t I would have to play it (because the provisional was for the ball being OB, I couldn’t retroactively go back and declare the first ball unplayable and still have the holed shot count.) Happily, the ball was (barely) out of bound. Weird par.


This is basically how my dad made his. Hit a “worm burner” that scooted all the way up, took a left-to-right slope and eventually the flagstick got in the way and it fell in the hole. Ugly, but a 1.


Four - all in the 110-135 range. 3 w/ a PW one with a 9i. First one was 1992 last one was 2015. Had one in my Thursday night men’s league mid July and then a year later same week got another on the same hole. No insurance - they do now! BTW an 8 index so talent level and hole in ones is not connected at all.

Personally have seen 10 while playing. Three others in my foursome and three in the group behind or in front where we witnessed it,


I feel as though a 7-12 handicap is the key range for this. I am sure any data does not support this, but in “general” a one hop and stop player just doesn’t seem to make too many.


I have one. Great feeling to get the monkey off my back.
My brother-in-law is a teaching pro and he has 2. More impressive is that he has THREE, hole in 3’s, aka Par the hard way haha. Hit it in the hazard on an island green hole and then dunked it on the second tee shot. Did it twice on the same hole haha.


So I’m a low handicap that has been as good as scratch but currently resides around 4, I have been playing consistently with a group of guys as good as since freshman year of high school (I’m 24 now) and none of us had ever had a hole in one or seen one in person which I always thought was crazy for a group of solid players.

At the member member last year I spin one back from 125 out for my first ever! It was amazing but was short lived since I had not bought hole in one insurance and everyone in the 150 person tournament expected me to buy them a drink…which just being straight out of college there was no way I was footing the bill for that (I did offer to buy drinks for everyone in the group I was playing in), But I still had many members come up to me and complain.

So fast forward two months later I’m playing in the mens league end of the year tournament another 100+ person event. As a quick aside I was brutally hungover and working on about 3 hours of sleep, so I was playing pretty poorly. I get to the 15th hole a 190 yard hole (slightly biarritzy for you fried egg junkies) and pure one right at the stick, it landed right in front of the hole and disappears, not knowing if it went in since the pin was in the middle and the bottom of the hole was obscured by the swale (for those of you that may not be familiar with template holes). Sure enough we get up to the green and it was in the hole for my second hole in one in 2 months…My imediate thought was goddammnit! everyone is going to bitch and ask me to buy them drinks again.

So anyways that is the story of my two hole in ones and I feel like it was ruined by this socialist view that everyone that happens to be at the course that day deserves a free drink. I would glady have gotten drinks for anyone in my group but I feel like the entire course is just a ridiculous expectation. *side note I will now always buy hole in one insurance but will probably never have another one


I’m conflicted here. On the one hand, it’s probably the most well-known tradition of golf…you buy a round if you make an ace. AND there was hole in one insurance…buy it! On the other hand, if you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. In your shoes I would have done the following. Obviously buy your group drink(s) - probably a couple rounds. Work with the bar - agree to some number of domestic tap beers to be provided and have your tab cut off at X dollars. They’d probably be fine dishing out 75 bud light drafts in shitty plastic cups for $200. Nobody is reasonably expecting you to buy 150 $7 cocktails.

Lastly - if you must take your approach and flip tradition the bird - don’t stick around the course after the tourney long enough to have “many members to up to me and complain”.

Congrats on your two aces - but I’m disappointed if you only bought 6 drinks total for them.

A Thread for Contrarian Takes

I would unkindly tell these people to “Fuck off” if they ever did this. Someone gets a hole-in-one and their only concern is getting a free drink. Screw these people. I’d buy everyone a drink EXCEPT for these individuals.
And it’s sad that your immediate thought after getting your 2nd was that people were going to complain again.

You did the right thing. Do whatever you can to celebrate but there is no reason to financially strain yourself. Golf is dumb sometimes with its traditions.


With regard to that particular comment, that was my very first thought - find a different club! Sounds like a fair number of d-bags play there.


Round numbers…



Just one No. 9 at Ozaukee CC. Uphill blind surface didn’t even get to see it roll in. Came within a couple inches at 16 on Cabot Cliffs this fall.


No aces.

30 years of playing golf, 20 as a single digit, 10 of the 20 as a sub 5 handicap, currently scratch.

The closest i’ve actually come is a double eagle from 240 out. Blind shot into a par 5 green, the group ahead said I hit the pin, tapped in my 3 inch putt for eagle.


If I were still to dish out $200 for whatever amount of bud lights the bar would cut a deal with me for, I would have had to do that twice, and $400 is still not a small sum for someone in my shoes. And I did not explain that well, but I blitzed out of there when I was done playing. People complained to me afterwards seeing me at the club and even members that I didn’t even know I would overhear talking about it which ticked me off. However I don’t want to give off the impression my course is all d-bags, because the guys I regularly play with were all very cool with it and most of them even offered to get me a drink.