Aces - how many you have?


Big Fat Zero for me. Not that i haven’t tried or come close, I hit the pin three times this year alone I just have no luck. Thinking i just need to go out and play The Cradle at Pinehurst until that changes…


Not related to your main message, but Bedford is THE Hidden Gem in central PA.


Hard zero. Put three to with 6 inches this summer on par 3’s and hit the stick TWICE in one round a few weeks ago. Those images haunt me. I maintain hope though as my proximity has been greatly improving this past summer


For your “ACE”-related reading pleasure …

The All-Time Record for Most Holes-in-One: 51

Mancil Davis is generally recognized as the all-time record-holder with 51 career holes-in-one. We say “generally recognized” because there was an amateur golfer in California named Norman Manley who claimed to make 59 aces. Davis’ 51 aces, however (unlike some of Manley’s claimed aces) are almost all well-documented — one was even witnessed by Ben Crenshaw.

Davis has been a PGA of America member since 1974. Over his career, he served as director of golf at The Woodlands near Houston and at The Trophy Club near Dallas, among other stops. He briefly played on the PGA Tour. And many of his aces happened during tournament play. That includes the most recent of Davis’ 51 holes-in-one, which happened during a celebrity golf tournament in 2007. Davis’ first ace occurred in 1967.



On my 1st honeymoon in Jamaica, rented clubs, just my wife and the caddy. It was raining a little and you could hardly see the ball go in the hole. It was about 150 yds with a 9 iron; ironically the name of the hole was “The Brat”. I was so dumbfounded that I actually teed the ball up on the next hole and swung away with a driver. Luckily I didn’t lose the ball and came to my senses and put it away. Pretty anti-climatic ace and only cost me a couple of Red Stripes at the end of the round; but after readying all these I will proudly claim it!



May 13th, 2011 at my now brother in law’s bachelor party. I hit a hole in one on a 350 yard par 4 at Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club in Clarkston, MI. Yes, that means I have both an Ace and a Double Eagle to my name. Hole plays severely downhill and was fortunate it was also playing downwind that day. Extra icing on the cake was that my dad in the group with me as well.

Pictures of hole layout (pin was on the left green that day) below.




I have holed out a couple from the fairway (with the longest being from about 160 yards), so I’m convinced the golf gods were like “meh, close enough, let’s move on” and now I stand no chance.

I was lucky enough to see one though - when I was playing in high school my buddy flew one past the pin from 175 and sucked it back for an ace. Definitelty one of the most amazing things I have seen on a golf course, but I feel a bit cheated since I wasn’t able to collect on one of those free beers.


Big fat ZERO… not seen one live either. Group in front once had a hole in one, heard the celebrations


I have one, but it’s not very legit as it happened on a par 3 course.

Here’s my best “almost” story. I came within less than an inch - literally - on the third hole at Torrey South. It was the first time I had ever played there. Walked up to the third tee box and said to my playing partners - “Wow. This might be the best par 3 I’ve ever played.” Hit an 8 iron from 160 and it was all over the pin. From the tee box, we knew it was VERY close, but we couldn’t tell if it dropped. Everyone was stunned. We all looked at each other in shock and one guy said - “Did that really just happen? Is that in the hole?”

Walked over to the green and found this…


Just one ace here. 15 years ago as a college freshman. 165 yard slam dunk that we thought had ricocheted off the pin. Being underage and attending a “dry college,” I purchased milkshakes and legal carbonated beverages for the team. Numerous close calls since, but just the one for me. Keep firing at the pins 0-fer gents, one will fall for you eventually!



But seen 3. In the last year!

I was on the 14th tee at my home course in April and the captain at the time, 80 year old ex-taxi driver called Terry (who is the loveliest man alive) hit his driver from about 165 out to the 13th green, which was right next to me. I was just standing there absent mindedly watching as we waited for the fairway in front of us to clear. It pitched about 20 yards short and just kept rolling, all the way in. I think we screamed more than Terry did. His first. At 80. The year he was club captain. Doesn’t get better than that!

I came close a lot this year and was expecting to get one at some point because it was becoming regular that I was close. The closest was in July. I was at a charity golf day. Shotgun start. 120 people on the course. 6 iron, pure. Bounced, hopped, ran at the hole. It circled the hole and lipped out to here:

It would have cost me a fortune had it gone in. 120 drinks is never a cheap exercise. So I’ve never wanted to NOT get a hole in one more!


None. Had many a close call but iron play has never been the strongest part of my game and I do tend to have drop and stop irons, which doesn’t help. I do also tend to aim at the fat part of the green a lot, so I’m not helping my chances any. I have holed out full iron shots 3 times … just never from the tee of a par 3.

I’ve seen a few aces.

My HS golf coach had one just goofing off during golf practice one day. We’d go off in 3-4 groups to play 9 holes and he’d take a cart and check in on all the groups. He stopped with our group on one hole, watched us tee off on a par 3, then borrowed a club, hit a shot, and it two hopped straight in the hole.

Next was a lady in San Diego. Hole was blind due to a large bunker in front of the green. We got up there and I found her ball in the hole. She was non plussed. “Oh, wow,” she said. “It’s my seventh.” Must be nice to play most par 3s inside 120.

Last was at Talking Stick North a couple years ago. Walked off the eighth green to the ninth tee, which is just steps away, as most tees are there. The group ahead was still in the fairway so I turned back and looked at the green. Saw one guy hit and stuff it to about 5 feet. This is a short par 3 (maybe 160 from the tips, 140 from the whites), still a very nice shot. Next guy slam dunked his shot for an ace, right in front of us.


None for myself but witnessed two. First was my grandpa’s about 10 years ago but there was a mound in front of the green so we didn’t see it go in (he also bladed it so we thought it rolled off the back).

Second was paired with a random a few months ago and I called it right about the apex. And the hole was visible so it was cool to see it take two hops and spin back an inch into the hole.

I’ve accepted that there’s a decent chance I’ll never get one but there’s always hope.


Best story I’ve heard about an ace was from my parents. They were playing a round in Palm Springs and were paired with a couple vacationing from Norway I think. The Norwegians were decked out in brand new golf gear from head to toe, played from the back tees, but of course could barely make contact with the ball.

After like 12 holes of grinding their way towards a 130 score, the Norwegian man comes to a short par 3 and uses a driver. Hits a low dribbler that runs all the way up and into the hole for an Ace.


You spelled “infuriating” wrong.


I’ve had 2 greens in regulation this year on par 3s. Is that what you guys are talking about?


Had one on a par 3 course that had 2 holes on each green. 129 yards 9iron. (9 holes, go around twice to make 18)
Even under intense interrogation, I will not reveal which flag I was aiming at!


I have 1

Maybe 10 years ago. Hit a pushed wedge that missed the green right, hit a slope and bounced in the hole. Not the prettiest shot, but it was a 1 on the scorecard! Kept the ball and it is currently displayed at my bar in my basement!


Your username should be “pushedtotheright” in honor of your ace.