Aces - how many you have?

  1. Monterra Golf in Blue Mountain, Collingwood, ON, Canada. #12 with an 8 iron. Silky smooth with a saucy takeaway.

I put the ball under glass.


One of my closest attempts came during a playing lesson of sorts. I described everything I saw on the hole, the wind, the shot shape and trajectory, whether the ball would spin back, etc.

The shot came off exactly as I described, spun back gently, lipped out, and sat six inches short of the hole.

I said “Oh, I forgot to say I was gonna hole it. Oh well. Next time.” super casually.

But yeah, still the bagel. Hasn’t changed since this afternoon. :slight_smile:


Seen three, one my own.

Me - 120 yard downhill par 3. Bladed the damn wedge and it hit the pin and fell down

My Dad - 180 fucking swished it, straight in the cup

My mom- 115 yards, chunked it, hit off a bridge forward into the hole

Not a joke, my family has dumb golf luck I suppose.


I think you have a couple coming your way at BCN next summer.


First one was in high school. I called my dad after the round to tell him the exciting news. The conversation was something like this: “dad guess what? I got a hole in one today.” Dad: “really? Me too!” It was his first one too, both were about 145 yards but at different courses.
Second one was 158 yards, and it slam dunked right in the hole. Very lucky. It was in a local amateur tournament which always helps the score.
Third one was about a month after the second one. I was playing in a tough match against a guy in a season long match play event, about 143 yards and I think I just narrowly beat him thanks to the hole in one.
Thanks for the opportunity to brag for a minute :wink:

  1. First two were as a kid, ages sixteen and seventeen. Then nothing for twenty years (allegedly like Tiger) and just recently had my third. I played my best golf during that twenty year drought with no aces. So I conclude they are 99% luck.


Zero. Had some shots that ended up an inch short, and quite a few hit pins, but no aces yet.

I did witness one a couple of months ago. We let an old lady play through on a par-3, she must have been 80 years old. The hole is about 100 yards long from her tee box, so she grabs the driver, and just bunts one right on line. The ball just keeps rolling, never leaving the flag, and drops in the hole.

We go absolutely bananas, start screaming and jumping. The lady stoically turns around, tips her cap without cracking the slightest of a smile, says “gentlemen”, walks off, grabs the from the hole and goes on to play the next one.

After the round we tell the story at the bar, all excited, the guy behind the bar shrugs his shoulders and says: “Oh, yeah, that’s Mrs. Jansen, this must be her 25th ace since I started working here 8 years ago…”


same. unless you count a 3 wood on a 110 yard hold when I was 13. Sand green, splashed and dunked.

In my adult life I’ve jarred one once, destroyed the edge of the hole, but it came back out. Had at least a dozen hit the stick or lip out. Many others on the edge.

This year. For sure.


This is a discussion I have with my Dad all the time. Hitting the ball high with short irons my shots tend to hit and stick on par 3’s. My shots do not cover much area on the green.

My dad has 4 hole in one’s, 3 in the last 10 years. He is about a 10 handicap but he hits low tumblers all over the course. When his ball hits on the green it rolls quite a bit which gives the hole and the pin a better chance to get in the way.

He knows this gets me going so he likes to bring up the fact he has 4 all the time.


I am in the Shane Bacon Club with zero…:frowning:

However, I have been close (within six inches) several times. I have decided to play more par-3 courses to increase my opportunities. Ha!


One but idk if it really counts. I was 7 and it was on a par 3 course. Cold topped the ball and it just stayed right on the flag, bouncing the whole way to the green. Slammed into the pin and dropped.

Many close calls but I don’t really feel like I’ve accomplished the feat.


zero… hit the pin and ball stopped on the lip while playing Oakmont 6th hole. That was my closest call.


I’ve had one. At 6:30am with my buddy playing before work on a short par 4, about 285 yards. The tee shot is blind, we walked up near the green and looked all around. We assumed that I missed the green since there was dew and we didn’t see any marks on the green.

I had just about given up and my buddy walked up to the hole and looked in and said “dude, it’s int he hole!” My response was don’t fucking do this to me. Sure enough I went up to the hole and there it was. We hooted and hollered like a couple of fools.

I bought everyone on the course a beer later that evening.

The best part is I was using a bright orange Wilson Duo Optix ball. My only hole in one over 24 years of golfing is with an orange ball!


I have one. Not sure that mine counts either, though, because it was on a Fazio.


None. Two fairly close calls this year that were within a foot or so. On one, the hole was long enough (200+ yards) with the green elevated a bit, so that I couldn’t actually see the ball on the green. My playing partner didn’t see it, and asked where it was, and I responded that “it might be in the hole.” I wasn’t off by much.


I’ve had zero. The closest I have come to one was on a 165 yard par 3. I hit one right at the flag and mid flight my buddy says “no way”, so obviously he sees that I’m about to make my first hole in one. The ball ends up about a foot past the hole right in line with the tee box and my friend sounds like he’s really bummed about me missing my hole in one, but I turn around to see that he was on his phone the whole time watching a video. He and I both would have been pissed if he had missed a hole in one.


Plot twist!


None myself, never even really been close, but I’ve seen six. My father, my father in law, two at bachelor parties (different parties, both by grooms), and two by a high school buddy, who actually had four in six weeks.

Every single one was different and obviously exciting. The two luckiest were a bladed 8 iron that rolled out 20 yards and went in. The second was a downhill 5 iron that landed behind the pin, spun, and one hopped back in the cup. Never seen a straight swish, I hope when I do it’s mine.


Just one, but it was a perfectly struck 4 iron from 205 that drew a few feet and disappeared.

The fact it was on my least favorite par 3 at my home course at the time (Furman U GC) and my teammate had just put his to 3 feet made it that little bit sweeter.


I’ve seen two. One was in a college tournament. It was snowing and kid bounces a five iron short of the green and rolls in like a putt! The second was playing a match with teammates. Our teammate/opponent is -3 through 5. On the 6th hole we go first and both hit it inside ten feet. He steps up and makes it to go -5 through 6…