Aces - how many you have?


Serious opportunity to brag here. Brought on by the fact I just saw a headline saying Tiger just had his first ace in 20 years and 20th overall. It’s almost impossible to believe the guy hasn’t had one in that long.

I’ve had every close call you can imagine, aside from having a ball land in the cup and pop out. But, I have no aces to my name. I’m chirped about it relentlessly by a number of guys that are nowhere near as good at golf that have one or more to their name.


Zilch. Nada.



This year I hit 3 sticks/flags and put 3 others within a putter length. This as an otherwise shit golfer. One of those came during a round where I couldn’t hit anything, only to damn near make an ace on 17.

I really need to figure out what I’m doing differently on par 3’s because the number of greens hit was significantly higher than from similar distance from the fairway.



In part because:

  • When you’re a golf pro, you don’t get to play too often.
  • I aim at the for the “Lightest Colored Egg” (LSW concept), ignoring where the pin is.
  • My ball doesn’t tend to roll out much on par three greens, which further reduces my odds.

But also, that’s just a bunch of excuses! :smiley: I’d love to have one. But oh well.

My daughter got one last November. I always knew she’d get one before me. But the dummy didn’t even see it go in - she turned around and walked back to her bag, and then took her putter out near the green even though her playing companion kept saying he thought it went in. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve had one. 157 yards. 2nd hole at my course. One hop and in. Always feel confident when teeing the ball up on that hole now :blush:


I’ve had one.

I was 20 and a cadet journalist at the local paper in the same town as my club. I dodged off work on a quiet afternoon, saying I was going to do a couple of interviews when I actually had a midday tee time in the Tuesday competition.

I proceeded to ace the 4th hole — 175m uphill with a 3iron to the only pin on the green where you can see the hole.

At that point, one major issue arose: the golf club had a half-page in the newspaper each week to report on club news and I knew my ace would get a mention!

I hurriedly phoned my editor and said one of the interviews had cancelled on me so I was going to take some of the time I was owed and play golf. I’m not sure if he bought it, but he never gave me any shit about it.

Mike Clayton has somewhere between 15 and 20. I was playing with him at The Lakes in Sydney a few years back and he jarred one at the 7th, walked on the green to see his ball in the cup and just nonchalantly goes “not another fucking hole-in-one. That’s 15” — and in the past year there was a week when he had two holes-in-one and an albatross. Freak.


Just 1, but I don’t entirely count it. Was just me and the greens keeper.

I was out for an afternoon 9 hole practice, and had arrived on the tee, got my yardage and picked my club when he walked onto the green, pulled the pin and started to cut the new hole for the next day. He seen me and waved me up with the flag still out, but I had a general idea where the hole was. Hit my 8iron thinking nothing of it, that I would just pickup and move on in my afternoon practice so that he could finish cutting the hole. Moment I got up there, he hadn’t moved an inch and said “I’m not touching that”
I responded, “what do you mean?”
He replied “Its in the hole, I’m not touching it” with a somewhat dumbstruck face.
I collected my ball, chuckled a little, and moved on. Have yet to accomplish that feat again, in an actual round.


Aces are not real and are physical impossibility. What you see on TV is CGI and anyone claiming to have one or seen one has simply been fooled by the Big Golf conspiracy into thinking they should be embarrassed if they dont have one, so they lie to protect their egos.

Unrelated, I do not have any yet.


I have two. July 4th, 2004 and May 15th, 2008. The first one was a 180 yd very uphill hole where you can only see the top half of the flag. I thought it just trickled on the front edge but then obviously realized it was in when we got up there. That was our 9th hole and we called it quits after than and got drunk in the bar.

Second one was a terrible (almost shank) 9 iron from 130 than landed on a side hill next to the green and got a great second and third hop and went in.


Didn’t Vijay have one like this in a PGA Championship once? Missed about 20 yards left, kicked off a hill and went in?


None. Some close calls including a lip out on the 9th at Sweetens.


Zero. Close on a few occassions but might as well have been a mile away.

This September in Portugal at Vidago Palace. 3rd hole, 160 yards. Landed 4 inches directly right of the cup, spun back to about a foot so at least tap in CUH-CAW!! That one was hit well.

10th hole (I think) at Wild Turkey in Jersey two years ago. This is a super elevated tee box. Must have been between 160 and 180 yards but played much shorter. Ball was launched high and plugged on a soft green about 5 inches from the cup. That one was hit ok.

A few years back at some muni I can’t recall, thinned a 7 iron that rolled to the lip of the cup and didn’t drop. I’m actually ok with that in this case. That one was hit like shit!

I’m strangely confident I’ll get one although it’ll probably be when I’m playing by myself and nobody will believe me.


Got my first in a scramble this year at the local muni near my house. First swing of the day. One hop and in. 6 iron from 190. Got 2 dozen chrome softs for winning closest to the pin.


I have none but I have seen my nightmare playout in front of me… We had a work retreat at the Omni at Beford Springs PA (an awesome golf getaway of you live in driving distance) and a guy in my group got “a hole in one.” Short par three where if you miss the green you’re basically reteeing. He is a two time a year golfer and wouldn’t be a great player even if he played 30 times a year. He proceeds to wipe a fade into the dead zone, retee then make it for a Freddie couples 3. He drops to the ground like he got a hole in one and proceeds to say “I’m going to count it.” Now in all fairness he didn’t make a big deal after the round and didn’t exclaim to anyone other than the group that he got a hole in one but that is truly my nightmare. I know I’ll get mine after dunking one in the hazard, so in reality, I will never get one.


As mentioned in the OP I’ve got none, but I do have good hole in one stories. I mentioned it already in another thread but my favorite is that one of my best golf buddies won last year’s club championship in extra holes on a walk off ace and said “get in the hole” mid flight. Another buddy this fall was down one with two to play in his quarterfinal match and aced 17 and birdied 18 to extend and birdied first playoff hole to win. Yet another has 4 aces with the same 9 iron. In 7th grade I played on the JV squad and lost a tourney by 1 to a kid that aced a par 4 in the group ahead of me. Basically, my company isn’t the problem, lol.


I have never seen or had one in 21 years of golf.

Also, when does @Soly weigh in here to trump most any of our stories with his Broroa (I think) experience?


None. But a good story for those with no aces yet.

I was playing solo one day and came up on a group of two older men. Probably late 60’s or early 70’s. Was not expecting much but there was a 4some in front of them so joined up.

Oldest looking guy takes a swing on this short par 3 and I damn near think he is a senior tour player. Incredibly smooth swing and the movement of a 15 year old. Just insanely flexible and athletic. (Popped it 250 carry)

The younger looking guy takes a swing and it looks like Charles Barkley.

Get to chatting with them and the Charles Barkley swing guy picked up golf 10 years ago and has 4 holes in one! The guy with the great swing has no holes in one…ever…and has estimated playing a few thousands rounds and was scratch for 20+ years. Started at 15 back in the 60’s, played with a bunch of pros but was always a few strokes worse than them. Told him his ace was coming.


This is similar to a guy in my town, Rick Kuhn. Incredible player, already a member of the state’s golf hall of fame and still wins at least one state tourney a year. Been the undeniably best player in the state for 20 years, but has no ace yet. It makes me feel better about my plight. Until I remember hearing him say once “… but I do have 3 big birds”. Three albatrosses. THREE.


One, Arcadia Bluffs hole 17 back maybe seven years ago. Snuck in a late twilight round with my girlfriend, now wife, and by the time i got to the tee it was maybe 9pm and getting very dark (it was actually darker out than it would appear on televsion). Put a good swing on it, but no one my group could see the ball land on the green, much less see it go in the hole. Got to the green, did the obligatory glance in the hole thing thinking it sure as hell couldn’t be in there but sure enough there it was.

So I have one, but I’ve yet to see one.


So saucy :clap: