Ace on a Temp...


That’s fantastic, @Lazstradamus.

Golf is a game and it sounds like you had fun.



Do people not roll their eyes through the back of their skulls when you skip a temp green hole? Seems laughably pretentious.

How bout this scenario… my local muni had to do a ton of drainage work on number 17 which is a par 5 normally. While they worked for about 3 months they had to make it into a 180 yd par 3 with a temp green. You’re just skipping that hole every time for 3 months? If your buddy aced it you gonna be the guy that tells him “sorry dude, doesn’t count”


Yeah. We would probably skip the hole. People could take whatever score they see as “probable” for that day and we move on. We might play closest to pin/rake/tent pole for $5 but that’s it. It’s not a hole. Golf wasn’t originally 18 holes!

Pretentious? Sure. I’m working on that with my therapist tho.


Haha legit lold at therapist comment :+1: