Aberdeen - Dornoch on a shoe string


Myself and a few friends are planning a trip from Aberdeen to Dornoch this summer.

We are playing Dornoch and a few other big courses but are looking for suggestions on courses that aren’t going to tear the AMEX in half for the rest of the week. So far Cullen has been mentioned plenty, any other courses that are ‘hidden gems’ that are considered must try?

Courses so far locked in are Murcar, Dornoch, Golspie, Cullen and Fraserburgh.


color me jealous


I’m doing a similar trip next summer as well, and am deep in the research process. I’ve yet to play any of these, so keep that in mind.
Aberdeen Area:

  • The Aberdeen munis look ideal as a links golf warm up. Balnagask and Kings Links are both on the coast and have 20 GBP greens fees.
  • Cruden Bay (see tourist sauce). It’s expensive, but do it. Their replay rate isn’t bad, so consider making that a 36 hole day.
  • Newburgh is between Aberdeen and Cruden Bay, and has a cheap twilight rate. You could potentially play that the same day as Murcar.
  • Along the coast between Aberdeen and Inverness, you already mentioned Fraserburgh and Cullen. Royal Tarlair (25 GBP), Spey Bay (30 GBP) and Duff House Royal (55 GBP if you book a 4-ball) all look kinda cool and are on the cheaper side. Even if they stink, they’ll be way different than anything you play stateside. If you take your time on this portion of the trip, you could play two dirt cheap links courses every day for a week.

Inverness Area

  • Nairn (see Tourist Sauce) is kind of pricey, but you can do a two-for-one with Nairn-Dunbar for a 180 GBP 36 hole day. You have to play Nairn in the afternoon, but it should be easy to play Nairn-Dunbar in the morning.
  • I’ve also heard good things about Moray and is around 100 GBP
  • The nine holer Covesea looks pretty cool and is only 15 GBP to play all day.

Dornoch Area

  • Tain has a 30 GBP twilight rate
  • Brora (see tourist sauce) isn’t too pricey either

For the Dornoch area courses, you can buy this pass for 40 GBP, and it gives you 25% off a round at all of them. If you play all five (both Dornoch courses, Tain, Brora, and Golspie), you come out pretty far ahead compared to paying full price. If you only play one or two, it’s probably not worth it.


They don’t stink and well worth those rates and more.

Great write up in @TomCoyne A Course Called Scotland on this place. A labor of love. Tea shack.


Well that is some decent research there!

The ones between Aberdeen and Inverness look great, I’m going to scope those out more.

FYI We have made some great savings booking into open comps, through golfempire.co.uk. for example there is an open at Murcar when we are going for £25 which is over £100 saving. Great way to save a couple of quid. and it lets you play at weekends when prices are often more expensive.


Seconded on Seacove. Tom Coyne posted a couple of pics from there last week on Twitter. It looked obscene. Can’t beat the price, either.


Defo play Murcar. I was a country member there for a couple of years when working in Aberdeen. Great set up.


Tain ,Peterhead , Hopeman , Moray Old ,Strathlene hope this helps