This is not news @BigJake.

I’ve been a longtime proponent of kicking the pros off of normal golf courses.

My platform is pretty well laid out in this thread


The man likes a front-runner.

I pull for ECU first and foremost even though they suck at everything.

What the hell is wrong with corn on the cob?


I’d like to take the time to remind everyone to block users such as @tdogg21, that post such obviously shitty takes. To the point that it could be considered trolling.

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Do you have an actual Refuge improvement platform?

First post there pretty much nails it.

Love the taste. Hate eating it off the cob. Also still have those awful memories as a kid having to shuck the corn, thinking you were done, and then your parent says “nope, not good enough. Back outside.”

you leave the husk on to cook. You only remove the silk.


andy and dave, dont care who wins this really but we need a consolidated NLU and Nest hash tag for social medias

aannddyy00 supports stroke victims


Eating it off the cob to me just reminds me that its finally summer. I have fond memories as a kid standing in the backyard husking corn ass-naked/nude/nekkid. Good times


There is a fine gentleman who goes by @gremlingolfer who is doing similar work in this area.

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This just in @tdogg21 hates fresh tomatoes, says the ones from the grocery store are better. “too much work to water them”

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Lies will not get my vote! And the fact that you bring up watering tomatoes tells me you live in a dust bowl or have never grown tomatoes. After the first year, you don’t even need to plant those suckers. One plant in year one and you’ll have a garden full for the rest your life.

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I’m an honest broker. Vote DBD

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What happened to the Avatar Bracket @aannddyy00?

Shame to see it peter out

Shucking corn is as easy as peeling a banana. Growing up, we used to descend on u-pick corn fields in Oregon like a pack of locusts, and freeze that stuff after we cooked it and shaved it off the cob. I can still do an ear clean in 30 seconds, and you know what? I HAVE TO.

Nobody else in this state knows how to do corn on the cob correctly.


I can read a room. It didnt have enough interest.

and, like with a banana, the right way is from the other end.

Watch a monkey.