A thread for the Texas folks

While we’re talking about conditions… tried out Firewheel’s bridges course last week. Am I out of my mind to think it should be illegal to put bentgrass greens on a public course in Texas? With the amount of water needed in the summer combined with the high traffic, there are so many better options these days. I’ve never seen so many pitch marks in my life. Felt bad for the greenskeeper.

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Pour one out for that super

make that a bottle of water and do it on the greens. the bent needs it…


Couple things:

  1. didn’t know breakfast ball was a local rule, that’s good knowledge.

  2. guy I played with yesterday intentionally hit it into the ditch on 16, knowing the drop area is on the other side. He ended up having a 150 yard approach for a GIR. Seemed scummy, but it’s technically legal?

Yes, but don’t know why you’d intentionally hit it in or rather just try your best to get it across no matter where you’re hitting your second from, and if not, you take your medicine and go drop on the other side.

It’s a good local rule for pace of play.

I guess his thinking was he didn’t have to worry about hitting his second shot over the wall and having to hit 4 from the drop area instead of 3.

Oh, so he hit driver into the ditch, dropped on the other side, and hit on in three. That’s a little scummy, but if you can get your driver to the ditch, you have plenty of distance to get on in two, it’s just an intimidating uphill, blind shot across the “great hazard.”

Correct, he hit driver into the ditch. I should’ve specified

I think that’s technically following the rules (not sure if that local rule is on the scorecard or just posted on the course or if it specifies on which shot), but in either case seems scummy and not The TC Way because there’s no way you’re carrying Driver over the ravine off the box.

Exactly. He’s a bad guy.

The on-course sign doesn’t specify which shot, only that the drop area is other side of the hazard.

Thanks, I had a tough first day then gave it a run Sunday. Couldn’t have done it without @daltonbmiller on my bag.


As fellow Texans… can we talk about Bryson (lives in Dallas) asking for relief from two fire ants?


Dude oh my god it’s such bullshit

Also literally has a view of the Lewisville dump on a few holes

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For sure. He lives around the corner from me. Maybe I should go check his yard for any unscrupulous insect testing.

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Lotta good Bryson banter here too

Put this on his porch…

Sickest troll move ever.


He must be play DN way too much to think you’re getting relief from an old hole with a couple little guys. Had one once at Stevens that upon grounding the club erupted, would’ve had them all over me. THAT sounds more like necessary relief.

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We now have the answer to Sergio’s tantrum…

Has anyone here played Oeste Ranch in Weatherford before? Playing on Sunday and not sure what it’s all about.