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I’m with HoselAdjacent (a depressing thought) on the whole nerd thing!


Didn’t like Cullen… I love short courses as well… But something about it didn’t resonate. I suppose I don’t equate curving the ball around rock formations with Scottish golf. Admittedly have never been to play over there though so perhaps it’s most standard than I realize. It just didn’t fit what I’d want out of the trip. Nearly every other course on Tourist Sauce II - I’m down.

Crucify me now. Time’s your’s.


After reading the past few posts here: Aces - how many you have?

I have a take. The purchasing of a round for everyone at the club when you make an ace is stupid. I’m open to having my mind changed, because I didn’t grow up in a golf club setting, never played competitively, and have never had or seen an ace. But it just seems like the last thing that someone should do after watching or hearing about another player making a 1 is to say, “Congrats, now where’s my free drink?”

You shouldn’t be punished for doing the best possible thing you can do on a golf course, even if it’s supposed to be in good fun. Depending on how many people are there, this can turn what should be a top 20 happiest day of your life into a bit of a financial burden. Obviously, everyone’s at different life/money stages, but if I had to buy a round for 30-50 people, I’d have to quote @Randy - “That’s not nothing.”


It is a weird thing. Imagine it started from well off individuals celebrating at their exclusive clubs.

I think the idea behind it is to start a party to celebrate your ace. First round on you which gets everyone started and prompts more and more rounds starting a party. Very golf way of doing that.


Makes sense. Also, somehow in my warped brain the first thing I see every time I look at your profile photo is this. It happens every time and I had to mention it.



My understanding is this is the elitist part of golf rearing its ugly head. Golf started and is still associated with wealth and showing off your cash. This is just another part of it.

I don’t agree with the tradition at all…


All in on this. I think a round of drinks is necessary to celebrate but only for the playing partners. I don’t understand how Joe Blow, who’s been posted up at the bar all day because he hates his wife, is entitled to a free drink even though he has no remote clue how it happened.

P.S. I’m pretty sure every club in the world has a version of Joe Blow.


100%. Why is it required to buy a round for some random schlub who just happened to be hacking his way around the course when you dunked one. Makes no sense


It is a silly tradition but I guess I’d say I’ve never heard of someone actually ending up financially strained over making an ace. Also think it’s situational. If I’m playing some random TPC course on vacation and happen to make an ace I’ll be hanging out on the patio with my group and covering the tab for as long as we sit there, but I’m not going to make some announcement to the course to buy a drink for every stranger on the property. If I make one in my home club championship I’m going to be prepared to pay for a drink of anyone that wants one. Even in that scenario I can’t imagine it actually costing more than $300. And I’d add that in virtually any large tournament, if you’re in the games, there’s virtually no chance your winnings for skins/closest to/etc. will be less than the bar tab for the ace.

My position on this issue is likely largely tied to not having an ace and the fact that I’d LOVE to make one in a club tourney and have a corresponding bar tab in the hundreds of dollars!


1000% this. It was the only episode of any of the of their series where I thought 12 min would have been plenty. At the 15 min mark I looked to see this has got to be over soon and there was still another 10 to go. I know a complaint has been to see more shots but boy I don’t care to see more shots. Not their fault but they can’t track the ball like PGA coverage so we get Soly swinging out of his shoes with driver followed by some wry comment or DJ pitching from 40 out poorly. If they couldn’t tell where the holes were being there, I sure as hell had no idea what the goal was, so I just saw a guy swing a club after saying this shot is crazy and blind. I actually can’t get enough of Randy missing though. I think I could watch every shot of his in a round but I’m admittedly a(n) @Randy fan boy. Also not the guys’ fault but the Scott who played with them was boring. For a guy who grew up there working there, all of his “great stories” either didn’t exist or weren’t “great” enough to make the final edit. I would have way rather seen Ann his wife play with the guys, she was a killer. Weird I remember her name and not his.

Feel free to crucify me too, refuge.


Completely agree. A guy had an ace during member member this year, and his tab was north of $1000 due to this tradition. If that happened to me I’d be pretty angry for having to be obligated to do that during a day where there’s 125+ people on the course, and then more angry for taking shit from everyone for not wanting to do it.


We have a “hole in one club” you sign up for at my club. Pay $5 everytime someone makes one. Person who makes it gets a roll of drink tickets to give out and bunch of pro shop credit. The tradition is to buy your group new shoes with the credit.


Agreed the Cullen episode was way too long.


The content world, in a nutshell:


Yep. I’ve enjoyed the other episodes more than the Cullen one. Now if you had played Cullen with hickories… :wink:


I loved the Cullen episode. For me it showed the camaraderie of a bunch of guys enjoying a social fourball. That’s what golf is like in Scotland. Relaxed, fun and a couple of beers afterwards. Nothing better.


Cullen ep was my favorite by far. It’s totally personal preference, but the fact that I had literally never heard of this course, combined with the laughably absurd routing (and I mean that in the best possible way) made this must-watch stuff for me. I can get info on Cruden, NB, and even spots like Elie fairly easily. This is the definition of a hidden gem. Place looked like one of those fake Tiger Woods video game courses. PLUS - @djpie got the MEGA-LIGHT! The cherry on top. Might watch it again now tbh.


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