A Thread for Contrarian Takes


Yeah I mean this is a hot take. That is, as long as you think golf without strategic value or decision making makes for a more fun game to play and watch.
On a similar note, I think baseball would also be more fun to watch if we didn’t limit the technology in the bat. This way, guys wouldn’t have to think about the situation because they can hit a home run every time they make contact.
Get out of here man.


I don’t think anyone is arguing that.

But I don’t know how many guys on the Refuge pipe their drives 325 and wedge into every par 4.

Classic GCA is still applicable to the The Refuge, and the masses. That’s how I read the take.

I’m longer than average and play a 1920’s Ross layout. I hit every club in the bag during my rounds…


This is where, as Brandel said, golf course architects need to innovate. Upset that fairway bunkers 270 yards out are no longer relevant to big hitters? Well develop technology for adjustable bunkers. Press a button on the tee box and have the bunkers detach from the ground and move down an underground track 40 yards down the fairway.

This isn’t hard.


Sir, this is the Contrarian Takes thread. I am exactly where I belong.

I will say I think it’s a huge leap to assume distance removes all strategy and decision making. These elements still very much exist and will continue into the future.


I’m just saying… If Elon Musk was a golfer, this shit would have been solved already.


A Musk, Michael Bay, Trump, Nicklaus design


It’s a thread for contrarian takes not terrible takes.


The railroad ties are solar panels but also, if you hit them, there is a giant explosion and you automatically make double par.


HARSH! If the best case you can make is that a small segment of golfers wouldn’t get to play strategically (highly debatable), that doesn’t seem like a big problem to me considering a majority of golfers don’t play that way.


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Here’s how I read it:

We might have to agree to disagree but, to me, watching Cameron Champ hit a driver into the left rough and flip a wedge to 10 feet is infinitely less enjoyable


Fair enough.

That’s when you turn to Tourist Sauce and some of their upcoming match oriented series…


Understand you may not like it but I think a majority of golf fans do. I think Golf Channel and others would back that up because they know what people tune into and like to see. They aren’t hyping the hell out of Champ for no reason.

The crowd that enjoys the strategy and cerebral part of golf is such a small % of the total so I get that my take would be terrible for you, but for everyone else, it may not be an issue at all. And as we see with most things, the majority usually wins.


My comparison for the distance debate is like a beer snob. At first that guy is fine drinking Miller light in his early drinking years but then evolves into the guy who only orders things that have hop in the name like Hoptimus Prime or something stupid like that. He is (in his mind) elevated to appreciate only the fine intricacies of hop and barley and peasants drink miller light who don’t know any better or have any taste. The problem is, Miller light outsells Hoptimus Prime because the masses are fine having an easier to swallow diluted drink.


Then take pro golders off golf courses, stop defacing them to try to hold back the tide and have profesdsionals just play skill challenges on 500-yard long ranges surrounded with stadium seating.

Points for length with the driver, points for precision with irons, have funky short gamer areas to test their scrambling, putting green for putting comps.

What you are proposing already totally departs from what golf is, so why not do away with courses and just call it what it is.

Then the rest of us can just continue playing the game of golf.


The hardest thing about creating a golf course for the masses that still has “great architecture” is that: a) it’ll be super expensive and only a few of them across the states or b) you have to worry about drunk joe snuffy driving his cart across your lateral fairway bunker and destroying it.

That’s the issue is that you can’t create for the masses, at least here in the states, because if it’s for the masses it needs to be fairly priced so that people enjoy it. Otherwise we are just recreating TPC courses or the “public courses” like pebble and so forth(500$ a round anywhere is unacceptable, I don’t give a shit who designed it and put in awesome hazards all over)


That is a wildly slippery slope you’ve created there but I do enjoy that you just perfectly described “Shotmakers”, perhaps by total accident.


Love this and totally agree. Oh and if Elon Musk were a golfer, I’d hope there would be a course on the moon by now (now there we’d have a distance debate) and probably one designed already for Mars. I hear it’s firm and fast there.


No idea what Shotmakers is. Assume a TV show? If so, it’s not something we have in Australia.


Bifurcation= pros play hickories and ams play whatever callaway/titleist/taylormade can dream up. Just like pro baseball players swinging wooden bats. Boom, solved.