A Thread for Contrarian Takes


Did the R&A give them CREDENTIALS for the UK British Open?


The UK British Open isn’t clarifying enough for me.

Can we all agree to refer to it as the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, British Open Championship” from now on?


sponsored by Her Majesty.


The U.K. British Open presented by Her Majesty



The United Kingdom of Great Britain(England, Scotland, and Wales) and Northern Ireland, British Open Championship, sponsored by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Its rolls off the tongue about as cleanly as the “U.S. Masters.”


Contrarian Take #1: We’ve officially moved out of the post-pop era. Bubba has won three tournaments this year and Jordan Spieth potentially stinks. Pop is back in a big way.


That is too perfect, honestly could of been the transcript from one of their pods.


Random take that entered my head today: 1999 US Open. Without Payne Stewart, we would have had Tiger, Phil, and Vijay, all within a shot or two of each other that back nine, in a true duel of the 3 players who would rule the next decade. It would’ve been a landmark duel.

Payne Stewart ruined the 1999 US Open and denied us a chance at the greatest major ever.

(I say this half in jest, but man…imagine what could’ve been. But also imagine what was.)


My new theory is that this season has all been by design with a goal of peaking for the PGA next month to complete the slam.


Contrarian Take: DeChambeau wins a major before Fowler does.


Not a bad take. If I had to make a bet right now, I’d probably take DeChambeau.


Agreed. I love Rickie as much as the next flat brim wearing 8 year old, but as time passes I think he’s going to start losing momentum. I really want him to win won soon, just don’t know if it’s in the cards.


Rickie turns 30 this December. Phil won his first major at 33 (two months from turning 34). Rickie has time, especially if he backdoors his way there. He is too good. He might only win one, but he will get there.

I also predict that if Rickie’s win does not come by everyone else beating themselves, he will win a playoff. Almost ALL of Fowler’s victories have not been dominant.

Four Tour Wins, Average Margin of Victory: 1.25

  1. Playoff
  2. Playoff
  3. One
  4. Four

Two Euro Tour Wins, Average Margin of Victory: 1.0

  1. One
  2. One


I wish Zac Blair well with The Buck Club. I hope he can get funding, get it built, and if all that happens I hope it’s good.

In the meantime, I kinda wish he’d shut up about it.

I’m fine with stuff related to his actual fundraiser, that’s a necessary step. The merch annoys me, but whatever, obviously based on threads here there seems to be a market for it, even though I find it ridiculous.

But the custom tees? Tee markers? It’s too much. I love the man’s enthusiasm, truly, but get the damn golf course built. Right now it just feels like the roommate I had in college who was always talking about what his book cover might look like or what his pen name might be, but who never wrote the actual novel.


I am not mad at ya for posting that take in “Contrarian Takes” but you have to remember the importance of a pre-launch campaign. The merch, accessories, etc., are all about building excitement for a product.

From my perspective, it looks like he wants to be as self-funded as much as possible, and The Buck Club is not going to be cheap. The more official partners/investors that come in, the more control he gives up. Zac knows that TBC will need to be profitable ASAP so he needs to have a large pool of golfers ready to throw their money down. In fact, if it were me, I would have a wait list with a minimum deposit of X dollars to secure his/her spot. That would help ease some of the bleeding financials since revenue is going to be null until the course opens. In the meantime, he has to lease/buy equipment, pay salaries, chemicals, taxes, alcohol license(s), and a host of other costs that I cannot even fathom.

So, it might be annoying for some, but totally reasonable from a financial aspect.


I totally understand where people are coming from on the The Buck Club, I think the thing that gets lost because it’s so talked about is the actual timing of it. Because of the “hype” currently surrounding it, I think most people are assuming it’s going to be built in the next 2-5 years. In reality ZB is a 27 year old tour pro who is still trying to establish that career as well. There’s a chance that course doesn’t break ground for 10 years, maybe longer. He seems to really understand the long play, and is going about trying to raise money steadily, and getting people to buy into the idea of what they are investing in.




I really couldn’t have said it better than you did. I’ve been holstering a The Buck Club take for a while because I don’t want to take fire from all the fanboys here but I’m glad someone finally spoke up.

In my opinion, if he wanted the course to be built, he could have found a way to do it by now. At the very least be able to provide a plan or timeline and give updates, i.e. “We need $5 million to break ground, here is where we stand today.” I get the sense that he is approaching this as a little side hobby and he’ll get around to it when he gets around to it. Nothing about it comes off as a serious business that will one day provide income to dozens of employees. I don’t even want to know how much energy was spent worrying about the millimeter width of the freaking tees when there are hundreds of other more important steps that could be taken to get this course built.

Like you said, love the enthusiasm, the design sketches, and the pictures of the property but it’s time to shit or get off the pot. We are fast approaching the Elon Musk stage of over-promising and under-delivering.


Langer is anchoring, Scott McCarron is anchoring and…(wait for it)…


Meanwhile, Micgiblet is 5’4" and just launched another 400 yard drive. I honestly hate the rule on anchoring because it has pushed a lot of people away from the game, yet the complete joke that the USGA has done nothing to stop the distance problem…