A Thread for Contrarian Takes


It has aged ridiculously well. Are you Greller?


Or because only 1 company makes them and they are expensive…

If it was sold at 50% blade, 50% collar, I bet you wouldn’t have much of an argument…


So, if everything was completely different, then I would be wrong? I guess you got me there.


I own two blade collar shirts and wear them from time to time, mostly at muni’s when it’s plus 90 out.

I like the slim, fit, athletic look (and comfortable) - but can agree they’re not for everyone.


The Nigeria World Cup jersey sold 3MM+ units and many a rapper/cultural influencer chooses to wear football shirts as a fashion statement, but again to my earlier (contrarian) take this says more about the attitude in golf vs. the rest of culture.


Also just since I originated the take, I will point out I own and wear a few depending on the weather and where I’m playing.


call me crazy but i dont like the baked out, browned out links courses as much as i should. i get the appeal but im not a fan of the look. Never been across the pond to play so i assume its different once you actually play a course thats baked, but until then im not a fan


I get it: these days, “Brown is beautiful.” But can we concede that it goes to far when the fairways look like this:

What is fair about that fairway? Any drive, regardless of position, is a half of a revolution from getting an awful lie sitting down between the grasses.


Man, if you’re not going to call it an UNFAIRway then what are we even doing here?


Carnoustie’s fairways look like Cimaronne…


Looks the R&A have completely lost the course. Thought they could be on edge, but they’ve surpassed it.


DJ is banging Paulina and hangs out with The Great One for casual rounds, that alone puts him up on Speith in my mind.


Every course in Scotland looks like this due to an incredibly hot and dry summer so far, Hoylake looked like this when Tiger won, I doubt you will hear any complaints about it being in bad shape. Fescue goes dormant when it gets hot and dry, just like bermuda does in the south in cold weather.




This goes beyond a Contrarian take…and is a trolling take. They’re both smokes but you can’t compare the two.


I’m surprised it took us this long to get into a WAGS debate.

/pours one out for Amanda Dufner


take the hot or not debate over to the Fore Play guys. I’m sure old trent and riggs will welcome that with open arms.


“Let me tell you something. It is WILD that we are even having this conversation Big Daddy. Tiger is back OK. He’s Fused, he’s got the fused going. Saturdays are still for the Boys but Sunday is now for Fusion Woods. The back looks good and he’s back. He’s my pick to win the next 12 majors ok Trent. You heard it here first from your boy Riggsy”



Sorry… saw Paulina mentioned and really didn’t want to go down that path but it is a golf-related contrarian take I have. Honestly didn’t want to go down that path and may delete.


Speaking of the Foreplay boys, Riggs today referred to the John Deere as the fifth major. I feel like I’ve heard that before…

Here’s my contrary take. I don’t hate their pod, since I clearly listen to it. It’s amusing. It could be a better pod if they stick to goofy things like from the Gallery and replace Trent with Frankie. I think some folks here can be a little too ‘hardo’ about it.