A Thread for Contrarian Takes


When people say that the word golf can’t be used as a verb they sound like absolute d-bags.


Blade collar hate is totally uncalled for.

It screams of overly traditional golfers that want to ensure that golf feels different than other sports. I’m english and in the 90s there was an uproar around football (soccer) shirts forgoing their traditional collars for the blade, now football shirts are the height of streetwear fashion.

I like a nice crispy collar as much as the next guy, but also when its 100degrees and you want a breathable but smart athletic shirt with a blade fits the bill.


get out


Is this as bad as saying jeggings on the golf course don’t deserve hate?


This take isn’t even the matchstick that started the “Spieth is overrated” bonfire.

I stand with @itshedley


The golden child has done nothing but squeak out T40s and MCs since said bonfire. Think I was also lambasted for suggesting he might need to be a captains pick… thats definitely in play. I think the take has aged well.

This blade collar take though… nope. I’'ll be shocked if “blade collars are cool” is something you can say in public without being stoned to death in a couple months. Don’t see it happening.


I’d take a blade over Phil’s button down any day!


We can agree there. If you absolutely must look like a turd playing golf, you might as well dress comfortably.


It is wildly overblown and I want to know who started this hate so I can go back in time and slap them. It’s a total reach of a take and wouldn’t even rank in the top 25 of worst golf fashion crimes in the past couple decades. I know the NLU boys beat this drum but I’ve seen them dress, they are in no position to judge others.


The blade collar was created for one specific type of person: someone who doesn’t mind looking incredibly stupid on the golf course.


Only acceptable if you are literally being paid to wear it (Woods, Finau, etc.)


That might be a slight exaggeration, no?


I think you underestimate how long it takes for trends to be adopted by the mainstream. It will take a couple of years before most people reject the blade collar.

Look how long trucker hats stayed around before people (finally!) let it die.


I see your trucker hat and I raise you one short sleeve mock turtleneck.





I think this is a more accurate chart.

I find it curious that the people defending the blade collar don’t wear them either, or are apparently too ashamed to admit that they wear it.


I don’t need to wear it to know that it’s a bad fashion take. It’s a weakly manufactured take designed to take a shot at Nike. If Polo, Peter Millar, Travis Mathew, etc. came out with something new like a blade collar, people would call it “edgy” and “innovative” but because it’s Nike (which does plenty to earn its hate), people are jumping on the bandwagon and acting like it’s the worst fashion crime of the decade.

My point is find a new take people, the blade collar is not nearly as bad as people are making it out to be.



If there was a Buck Club polo with a blade collar, guys on this forum would be falling all over themselves to get one.