A Thread for Contrarian Takes


This is a proper breakdown (and decent takedown) of my position. You didn’t even have to twist my words to make you look smart.


Personally, Spieth is my favorite golfer - a straight up fanboy - but even I think he’s a little overrated.

It’s not because he gets unfair recognition for being the Augusta charmer - he should get that credit, its a huge tournament, and he’s the favorite to win every year.

It’s because the public elevated Spieth to “next Tiger” status in 2015, and regardless of a little dip in performance, they haven’t taken him down. Right now, Spieth’s trajectory suggests he’s a nose above a group of players that all have a chance to be HOFers, and the others, Rory excepted, aren’t ever mentioned in the same breath as the GOAT. Spieth is.


some might even say that you need to bifurcate @DeepFriedEgg 's claim. Technically you “tri-furcated”, but who cares?


Now, this I can buy. I don’t agree with it, but I see your POV. I actually think the opposite is true, but perhaps that is a function of circles that we run in and coverage that we follow. I hear a lot more “what is wrong with Jordan?” than I do about him being untouched at the top. He misses a cut and people lose their minds.

The people I talk with and coverage that I follow all have DJ elevated (as well as Day and JT at times) and rightfully so. I’m actually a little surprised that you guys don’t hear as much about DJ as you do Jordan. In golf circles, it’s pretty much known that DJ when he’s on is just about the most unbeatable player on the planet.


Do you think that these people say this because they have unreasonable expectations for him? Perhaps they perceive him as better than he is?


Honestly I think Jordan brought these expectations on himself. He had success early on tour, and the media was calling it a nice run he’s on. Jordan was adamant that it was not a run…this is the norm, or at least that’s how he mentally approached it. Then he kept playing well, winning majors, putting unbelievably…un-sustainably well. So we thought, hey maybe he’s right and this is Jordan’s normal play. So we set that bar…high. We rated him…highly, maybe too highly.


These Spieth arguments have been great, but can we move on :joy:


For now…

Until Spieth wins the Open this week. Then RIP @DeepFriedEgg


I’ll eat an Under Armour hat if that BUM wins the U.S. open


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@DeepFriedEgg watching Spieth bogey #10:


** coughs **


@Soly submission for @DeepFriedEgg for bucking his head on the live show tonight



I’ll toss one of mine in here that might get lost amid the Great Spieth Debate:

I think people try to “Galaxy Brain” golf too much, especially on golf Twitter. I love The Fried Egg and Andy Johnson, but if I have to hear “par is irrelevant and doesn’t matter” and “all courses not designed by Raynor or Mackenzie are bad” one more time I’m going to lose it. It’s one thing if you’re making a joke or a satirical comment, it’s another if you consistently advocate for it. Par matters because it gives us a goal to shoot for and a standard by which to measure ourselves. Not all golf courses are Raynor masterpieces and it’s actually possible to have fun playing an average design course. Lighten up and have some fun out there!


Courses with a par of less than 72 are trash.


that’s the Mac O’Grady syndrome about obsession over the prefect swing


I’d rather watch a golf tournament where Tiger is not involved.


I like JT’s pants


Watching 4 days of this trainwreck will actually be enjoyable.