A Thread for Contrarian Takes


Bubba Watson wins twice.
Jason Day wins twice.
Patrick Reed gets a green jacket.
Ian Poulter, Bryson Dechambeau win tournaments.

Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.


Bryson Dechambeau is golf’s global warming. An inconvenient truth? Lots of data but no one really likes the conclusions.


It makes it worse knowing guys like Rory and Speith were beat by those guys too. The Masters really hurt.


Especially since Spieth is only “arbitrarily good at one course” and still got beat at said course


Cool MC last weekend


I’m on board with this take. Especially since the Masters, it’s all just been kind of blah… Quail Hollow and the Players were serious letdowns, for different reasons. Trinity Forest was interesting but that was because of the course itself.

Really hoping for some fireworks at Shinnecock, because the past two months have basically been a snooze fest.


He was down 9 and shot 64. He couldn’t do much else.


Actually, he could - he could have not been down 9 after 54 holes.


Jordan Spieth won’t make the Ryder Cup team on points.


Well of course but that’s how it happened.


Such a fiery and bold take. Credit for that. But I’d likely disagree.


Sure, but that doesn’t support the claim that “he couldn’t do much else” to win the golf tournament than shoot 64. He could have rolled in the putt on 7. Could have rolled one in on 10, 11, 13. Could have avoided a tree on 18. Could have played better Fri/Sat. I love Spieth about as much as anyone, but “made a valiant effort” does not equal “did everything he could and just got beat.”


Could have not hit that tree on 18…



I think ‘couldn’t do much else’ is more of a phrase than something to be taken literally. Obviously he could have made more putts. He also could have made a hole in one on 4, 6, 12, and 16, and holed out every approach for a stunning round of 36 under par. In reality, 64 is pretty darn close to doing all he could because it’s probably in 99.2nd percentile of best rounds played ever at the Masters.


If Cantlay wins at Shinnecock I’m giving up watching golf. I can’t do it to myself. I’m normally pretty easy going about long routines, but it’s not that his is a long routine, it’s that once most people get to address it’s go time but with Cantlay you’re only getting started. Waggle. Look. Waggle. Look… I sit there thinking “He’s gonna hit it… no he’s not… he’s gonna hit it… no he’s not…” It makes me really uncomfortable.

If he plays in the Ryder Cup you’re in trouble. I’m gonna be there and if he starts that nonsense the Crazy Chaos Monkey in my brain is going to get out of control. I’ll end up jumping the ropes, pushing him out of the way and hitting the ball myself just because it’s actually making me seriously anxious watching him.


Re: Trees

Extremely boring since 80% it seems of the courses on the PGA tour are lined with trees and it becomes a driver wedge type game. I loved TF because it showed a different style of game especially on the day the wind was actually blowing. Trees can also make the game easier by giving players sight-lines. Tiger talked about how at Riv he struggled more because he didn’t have defined sight-lines to use, it was also one of his worst driving tournaments so take that for what its worth.

I think fescue or long grass can have the same effect as trees do. I really don’t get the fascination of trees except that it’s narrow?

Hot Takes:

Water hazards on non-pga courses make the game a lot harder than it should be.

Bubba has gone from hated to tolerated to I’m actually rooting for him to do well this year

Bifurcation needs to happen, its getting ridiculous at this point and while some clubs like Augusta can add length 85% of the tour stops aren’t going to be able to. The long iron game is nonexistent for the pros which to me is the most interesting


What has made your opinion on Bubba change? I’ve always tolerated him but I wonder what has made you go from hating him to rooting for him when nothing significant has happened.


People hating on him too much, he’s not that bad. Has been better behaved. Just accepting that he’s weird which makes him interesting. also best shaper of the ball with a driver is fascinating to watch.

Basically he’s less of a dick and people hate him so I guess I’m trying to balance things out


I’ve had a similar turnaround on Bubba, and share many of the same thoughts as @ThePowerFade. Also watching him struggle with his pink Volvik last season sort of made him a sympathetic character. I love bagging on guys for all sorts of trivial reasons but can always appreciate their talent, especially someone like Bubba. Seeing someone completely lose their game and get it back is cool to watch.


ZB’s take on Donald Ross being a fraud I saw on twitter was awful. Dude came off like sour grapes.