A Thread for Contrarian Takes


Now that’s experience right there! I tip my hat, sir.


I think that if European golfers go to college in the United States, they should be allowed to defect to the American Ryder Cup team.

Jon, Thomas…it’s time to come home.


That would affect Paul Casey, Luke Donald, Graeme McDowell, Danny Willett, Alexander Norén, Matthew Fitzpatrick, and even Colin Montgomerie.


The reason it’s the best logo, and it needed to appear this late in life, is that it’s both the perfect dad logo and also represents an incredible brag. He jumped all of three inches off the ground in a moment of pure dorky joy WHILE MAKING A BIRDIE ON THE FINAL HOLE TO WIN THE MASTERS. It truly is representative of the most “Phil” moment possible. The only way it could be more Phil is if it also, somehow, depicted DiMarco handing him $1000 in hundreds to settle up their side bet.


I think one of the NLU guys mentioned it ( @Tron I think) but Phil’s vertical on that jump gets drastically sold short. Not saying he’s Jordan or anything but it’s a decent spur of the moment double footed hop.


Thomas Pieters would not come close to cracking the US team this year. If guys like Kuch, Webb, and Fowler are currently on the bubble…


Well @Tron is dead wrong. That’s about a 12-14" of adreneline-aided vertical leap. Standard vertical for anyone remotely athletic is 24".

I will tell you that this does not make Phil unathletic. I once saw him playing catch with Bones to warm up and he was impressive AF.


I do assume you just mean Rickie is towards the bottom of the auto qualifiers because that plane aint taking off without him on it.


I assume this isn’t contrarian, but that final group at the Memorial should have been DQ’ed for their 6 hour round.


Cantlay is more painful to watch than Jason Day.


Fuck me. It would take Patrick Cantlay three hours to watch 60 Minutes.

  1. This was beautiful
  2. I get nervous for Cantlay just freaking watching him
  3. For some reason I can get over it maybe bc he is just so much more likeable and intriguing than others who take the same time?


Keegan Bradley’s pre shot routine has anxiety


If Cantlay doesn’t qualify for the Ryder Cup team, I don’t see any way you can pick him, especially on foreign soil. I understand even at the Ryder Cup fans are generally respectful when a guy is over the ball, but I want to heckle him, and I’m American.


I was thinking about this yesterday. You can’t pick him if he still has that pre-shot routine and is taking forever. I imagine anyone he’s partnered with would lose their minds at his pace of play. Although it would probably be effective in singles.


it is painful to watch. I was watching yesterday morning and it seemed like he wiggled his toes and looked at the green 10 times before actually hitting the ball.
I stopped paying attention and then looked up and they were on someone else.


On one occasion I counted 13 nervous ticks while he was over the ball on a 70 yard pitch. He proceeded to miss the green… Unbearable…


13 of them bad boys, count em, I did. And I can never get those 5 minutes back.




Honestly, I don’t think this season has been that great. Sure Big Cat is back and Phil won again but what else has been that standout and memorable. I feel like some of the bigger events have been fairly lackluster too. Besides Rory at Bay Hill, the WGC in Mexico, and honestly Memorial yesterday nothing screams amazing to me. Feel free to disagree with my take though. Just feel like the Tour hasn’t been truly living under par this season.