A Thread for Contrarian Takes

Isn’t this the point of risk in the game?

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Just because they were not originally part of the game, does that mean they should be axed from every course? I like playing tree-line courses. And for the pro game, I think they add penalty and allow for some amazing recovery shots.


Re; Trees:

I think the game has evolved on its own based on where its played geographically. Just because golf in many places in the contemporary United States does not look as it was played towards the early 20th century in Scotland, does not make it incorrect


Obsessing over someone’s “perfect swing” is dumb. There is so much more that goes into the game and winning.

Every week they slow down Adam Scott’s swing and gush over it - meanwhile Jim Furyk has more majors and wins and has shot a 59.

It creates a ridiculous standard for the average golfer or someone trying to learn to tune in and hear the announcers shit on anyone that has a non conventional swing.

Paul Azinger’s pod was great because he made the point that at this point with 30+ years of video tech, no 2 swings are the same.


For most weeks, I don’t care how low they go. I just hope the U.S. Open sticks to its traditional identity. It’s fun to watch when the rough is long, fairways are narrow, and the winning score is -1.


Jordan Spieth is overrated. A lot of people consider him to be on the path to become an all-time great. But this is only due to him being arbitrarily good at one golf course, and it just happens to be the one that the casual viewer cares about most.

Don’t get me wrong, he has had an amazing career so far, but his star is inflated because he, like many other golfers, tend to play better at ANGC than other golf courses. Look at a guy like Charlie Hoffman, who rarely competes in majors and has 4 wins in his 20+ year career. Yet he is always on the leader board on the weekend. Or Angel Cabrera, who has 6 top 10s at the Masters, include his 09 victory and a playoff loss in 2013 - which is shocking considering his overall resume. Bubba Watson is another one - a really good player, who’s career resume is going to be inflated because ANGC happens to fit his eye. Some guys, regardless of talent level, arbitrarily excel at ANGC.

How would we view Hideki Matsuyama if the Phoenix Open (2 wins and a runner-up) was considered a Major? Would we all be salivating over Daniel Berger if TPC Southwind (wins in 2017 and 2016) was a major?

Jordan Spieth is a good player, who will go down as an all-time great because he, like many before him, happen to be arbitrarily good at the course we care about most.


I do think the US Open needs to embrace their role and stop trying to appease the players who complain. Those guys are mental midgets and won’t compete anyways. Just make the whole tourney hard as hell and admit as much. No one cares if it’s just one week, we just want to see a bloodbath.


10+ pga wins
3-4 of the grand slam, 2nd place at the 4th one.
Fed Ex Cup winner
Rookie of the year
Tour Player of the year

24 years old


He has 11 wins over a 5 year span. That is more PGA Tour wins then Sergio Garcia. Not including current players well past their prime (Els, Leonard, Furyk, Duval), he is T-8 with Bubba for most wins by any current player on tour - in only 5 years! Oh and he is 3/4 the way to the grand slam. Spieth is properly rated.


We are talking about TPC Deere Run, right? The only course he has multiple wins at.

I don’t know how a 14 win, 3 major, 24 year old can possibly be overrated but it’s a good effort to try and say as much.


This is the kind of take I love. So crazy its good. If he doesn’t figure out his putting (he will) he might slowly become Ryan Palmer. A Texan who strikes the hell out of it but shoots 50% from 4 feet.


He is consistently in the spotlight on the 1 day of the year where more people are watching golf than any other.

Are we really going to sit here and pretend that some pros play better or worse depending on the course? ANGC fits Spieth’s eye. TPC Sawgrass doesn’t.

What if ANGC was the “5th Major” and the Players was the one with the most prestige? It would be interesting to see how differently he was perceived.

He’d still have two majors and a boatload of other wins at a really young age. Lee Trevino famously always played horribly at Augusta, and no one who talks about golf’s history ever holds him differently than his peers just because of his inability to contend at The Masters.

Same as Jason Day. Jason Day however isn’t even in the same breath as Spieth when people talk about who the best golfer alive is today. Why? B/c the perceived weight of the Masters without any consideration of the fact that ANGC simply fits Spieth’s eye better than most.

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Lee Trevino is actually the perfect example for my argument. He is not as highly regarded by casual fans as Watson, Seve, Palmer, Watson, Player etc. and the biggest reason for that is because the course didn’t set up well for him. His best finish was T-10, and he missed the cut 4 times. He’s criminally underrated for a guy with 1 less major than Arnold Palmer.


Just don’t agree with this. Just like Spieth, J-Day has been the world #1 - he is very obviously one of the best players in the world. J-Day just isn’t the good ole’ Texas boy that has won the US AM twice before going pro. Spieth is more marketable in the US and that just is what it is. Doesn’t mean he is a one-trick pony or a fluke. If you had said Rickie gets too much hype for his success, would certainly agree with that.

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In large part because has always been near the lead on Sunday in the most watched tournament of the year.

Can make a similar case for Bubba Watson.

But this is a thread for contrarian takes, not one for something almost everyone would agree with.

Oh it is certainly contrarian - just not sure it has any legs to stand on.

Spieth actually never won the US Am. He won the US Junior Am. Not sure if he won it twice.

Anyone who doesn’t view Trevino in the same regard as Seve is missing the point. I don’t agree with your Spieth take at all due to his success at plenty of other places, but certainly people should view Trevino in the same way as the guys you mentioned. He is a step below Watson and Player in my opinion though. Watson has 10 more PGA wins and Player has 9 majors.

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