A Rug for a Refugee?

I haven’t been here in the refuge too long, but given all the carpet commentary in various threads, figured there had to be a rug thread hiding out there somewhere. I was shocked to find one doesn’t really exist, although there are some quasi-rug-focused threads out there (My bag is set: also, Rugs on rugs and Indoor putting mats).

In any event, I have moved into a new place that desperately needs a rug to cover most of a living room space that’s about 13x15. Preferably one that can roll a golf ball decently well. Have a suggestion on what to buy? Trying to get rid of one yourself? I’m open to any and all ideas that don’t involve shag.

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“they peed on the dude’s rug”




Please refer to resident rug guy @LJP for all rug related questions.




Basically how I feel, and the plethora of options is slightly overwhelming.

The wife has had success finding rugs for our new house on amazon, rugsusa, overstock, and wayfair.

If you’re sort of gross like me then scour ebay (filter for free shipping) estate sales, and even goodwill. I like mine well worn in.

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this becomes a dog thread

I plan to respond when I can give this the time it deserves.

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Thanks @LJP. In the meantime, I finally clicked on the rugsusa link that a bunch of you have suggested, and to my delight, they are throwing a huge MLK weekend sale. Everything is 70% off, shipping free in most cases. Someone tell the daily deals thread!

Anyway, I’m thinking 8x10 is a good size for my space, so have started perusing through some options. Anyone have strong opinions on any of the below?


















Did you just link the entire catalog?


Just my top 20ish. Most of the field didn’t make the cut. Especially anything with tassels. I fucking hate tassels. That’s my one and only deeply held opinion about rugs. When I was a kid one of my chores would be cleaning up my grandparents’ place and all their rugs had tassels that would get caught in the vacuum. Huge pain in the ass.

Here’s my rug advice: screw synthetic fibers. Yes they are cheaper, but I find the wool ones wear better, last longer, look good longer, feel better underfoot, etc…and I just try to avoid synthetics as much much as possible. Wool holds up well (doesn’t “crush” as easily), repels dirt/soils better than polypropylene, and with proper care will look better way longer than polypropylene.

I have a wool rug I love that I actually got at target for our living room 10 years ago. My cats have puked on it, we’ve spilled all maters of food/bev on it, and it is still looking great with just a good vacuum every week. And it wasn’t super expensive (around $350 if I recall).

If there are any flooring stores near you, they sometimes have great close out deals on display rugs and what not. Got a great wool area rug for my foyer for just about $100 at our local Avalon flooring this way.

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Theres a good chance I purchase 2-3 rugs this weekend because of the sale. Will update

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Thanks Casey! Very helpful.

@DJsCokeDealer I hear carpet boxes are choice containers for shipping the goods these days. Could pay off in multiple ways for ya.

So, I had to circle back on this. In my opinion the rug is the center of the room, the star of the show. So props to you for looking here first. Couple additional questions… What type of floors? Any other furniture/decorations already in the room? If you were to describe yourself as a color and an adjective, what would they be?

Finally, of the ones you posted above, here are my favorites, but again, a lot depends on your answers above:




If you already bought one, I am sure it will be great, and please incorporate it into any photos, Silk Road sales, “What I just bought” posts, etc. Oh and welcome!