A Note Regarding Permanent Suspension

On occasion wider societal events can be cause for heated discussion within the Refuge. We understand that and certainly do not prohibit passion and emotion from being on display here. We do, however, urge people to behave in accordance with the guidelines of the Refuge, adhere to the ‘TC Way’, and generally practice a Golden Rule philosophy towards one another. Thus far that has served us well and been the foundation for a fun, engaging forum that has provided hours and hours of entertainment, not to mention concrete pleasure, in our lives. We thank you for that and continue to work hard to maintain such an environment.

Last night a heated conversation broke out on the Board. Like every other occurrence when emotions run high, our default position is to not intervene but instead allow posters to behave appropriately and reach common ground. Or walk-away from each other as needed. Bottomline, the less we need to be involved, the better for everybody. However, last night presented a unique situation that first resulted in a myraid of flagged posts, later with the thread in question being closed, and finally with our decision to permanently suspend a user involved.

The first two actions were done purely to sooth the escalating nastiness of the thread. It was quite clear no good was emanating from it. The decision to permanently suspend a user was done because we believe that the user in question created one (or more) burner accounts in order to post in an intentionally inflammatory manner, thereby dragging the entire level of discourse down to a place we are not comfortable. Without getting into the nitty gritty details we have very good reason to believe this based on IP address information available to us. In our opinion, this type of behavior is flagrantly against the spirit of the Refuge, and when combined with past issues we’ve had with this specific user, was cause to take away their privilege to participate in the Refuge going forward.

As is always the case with this stuff, feel free to reach out to us privately with any questions or concerns on this matter.

Randy, Soly, Tron, Neil & DJ