6 Months of Winter Golf


If you could take 6 months October to March and live anywhere in the US to golf where would it be? (I have two dogs so going international is a non-starter)

I would think the ‘obvious’ choice would be somewhere in Florida, which unfortunately I know nothing about. I’m also considering New Orleans or somewhere in the Texas Hill Country (although the winter golf season may be shorter than the previous two spots)

Any guidance from you guys is definitely appreciated!


San Diego, still gets plenty cold down in the south over those months. Not sure if this purely hypothetical or not but the cost of living you’d have in San Diego would be in the minus column.


I kind of like winter golf in NY—I finally get the course by myself since I’m always dealing with busy munis. As long as its above 40, I’m good to go, but if I’m desperate I can go into the 30s


This is the correct answer.


Phoenix would be hard to beat in terms of weather and course options. Relatively cheap cost of living too.


Austin/San Antonio gets surprisingly cold during the winter. Nothing like most of the country but it will dip into freezing and you get a cold rain/wind mix and courses just stay damp the whole time.

Phoenix is probably the best, all things considered, Florida being the 2nd best option. Southern California has pretty good weather year round but it’s expensive and public golf is hit and miss.


Appreciate the fast replies! For Phoenix do you all know of any courses I should check out? I’m looking for something with good practice facilities that has a monthly or annual type unlimited play/practice membership.

Also same question for those of you in Florida. I know this is a more targeted question and I’m doing my research via the world wide web, but appreciate any local knowledge from you all.

San Diego is definitely on the list as well, I went to school there so have friends in the area, but also may lean toward trying somewhere new.