3 BR Classic 2.0 July 23 - Pete Dye River Course at VT - Play for NIT spot and the Mea Cuppa Trophy

Gonna have to back out as work is gonna get in the way that weekend.
Would be a little too much to make it down and back in a day.

Best of luck to you all.



1042 locked in, this will be epic!


if you come west via US 460 I’d totes be down to meet for lunch at Beale’s for bbq in bedford

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I like the sound of that!!!

gonna have to back out of this unfortunately - y’all have fun

Unfortunately Im gonna have to back out of this as well. Hit em well out there, hate to miss it

Get yourself signed up for a tee slot and locked in. I’ll be going down the list here of folks signed up but no tee times here soon.

I have to unfortunately drop out. My wife and I area taking our anniversary trip that weekend.

Any interest in getting an AirBnB for Fri-Sun?


I really freaking hope it has 3 bedrooms.

@tcjones1985 has offered to help with arrangements for some premier golf outside of sat at the river course.

Getting pumped for this.

shoutout Roger who will be playing with us as well


You have my attention…

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Yes, but only if its in Blacksburg, walking distance to downtown.


damn I might be talked into that

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Like it

Cant wait

Bout to order the trophy for the individual net quota winner

Donning it “The @Tron Carter Mea Cuppa” forever more and it shall grow to be acknowledged with the best drinkware in the world such as the Stanley Cup, The Claret Jug, and the little tea cup from Beauty and the Beast.

@Swing_hard_and_hope will have his name on the cup as well for perpetuity


report yesterday was course was looking pristine


34 signed up as of right now.
6 open tee times.
If you are signed up, and are still planning to play, go to the google sheet, third tab and put your name next to the open tee time slot you want that is still available.

Here’s the sheet if anybody is searching for it:

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good looking out.

We should probably start to begin to narrow down the fri/sun golf situation as well

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