2NINES @ BELMONT GC (Downers Grove) - May 21, 2023


The date is Sunday, May 21, 2023 and the place is Belmont Golf Club (Downers Grove). We will paly 18 holes - a block of tee times starting at 10:30am and another block at 1:00pm.

28 spots, sign up below:

A Tale of Two Nines (Belmont Golf Club) May 21, 2023 Sign Up Sheet

I’m thinking about catering Birria Tacos from Tacochella for after the round…who is with me?

Format is open for discussion - I prefer non team format…it will allow us to play serious or just have fun. @BadBrad mentioned that he wanted to play with garden tools or something :slight_smile:

For those that don’t know this little nine hole golf course has a pretty cool history.

The true story of the first 18 golf course in America


A tradition unlike any other.

Sheet locked.


For some reason NLU Golf Erin Hills is in my calendar this day.


A real fork in the road, if true :slight_smile:


Same, have it from this post in the WI thread: Roll Call: Wisconsin - #3077 by ajvhandel


The day is getting near (Sunday, May 21, 2023) and the place is Belmont Golf Club (Downers Grove). We will play 18 holes - a block of tee times starting at 10:30am and another block at 1:00pm.

Some changes:

  1. I plan to have Lantern Pizza at the turn…I mean if we are going to require pizza takes we will need some data. How many slices should I plan per person? I’m thinking 2 or 3?

  2. The format is individual stroke play. @flanwilder BuckEyeTags made two trophies (low gross and low net).

Low Gross trophy “Magnificent CBMac”

Low Net trophy “Skeptical CBMac”…always questioning your handicap with his piercing Scottish eyes


@BadBrad will play a MLR ball…I’ve been saving this one for you.


Can confirm the ball is older than me


as requested I will have the rolled back set (as long as I get my putting iron back from Seth). Also have my backup pyratone set if anyone else is looking to try.

I think I have a fresh sleeve of Balatas in my office boxes if you need backup.


Can’t wait until we get to the point where @BadBrad is only allowed to play a feather ball with a Lagshot trainer 7 iron.


Hi everybody,

Time to commit to the event by sending me $25 via Paypal or Venmo (check your emails).

Deadline for commitment is May 11. You will still have to pay your greens fee at the clubhouse upon checking in on the day of the event ($28 for the first nine and $15 for the replay for non residents… DG residents could claim the discount).

Of the $25 commitment ~$15 will be for the Lantern pizza (local favorite) to be delivered around noon and the rest (~$10) will go to charity (yet to be selected). Receipts will be posted for accounting purposes.

We will play 18 holes - a block of tee times starting at 10:30am and another block at 1:00pm. The club has an awesome driving range and practice greens so feel free to show up early and warm up.

The format is individual stroke play. There will be no tee gifts, but we will play for two trophies made by BuckEyeTags (low gross and low net). I will need some help with the pairings and scorecards, but I’ll reach out to some of you privately.


Is this place actually good? Drive by all the time but have never been

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We like it… we order out once a week or so. My favorite combo is artichokes, olives and Serrano peppers.


Any change to the format on front/back 9s? Different tees would be the only one I could think of

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That is the plan… whites and then blues. I have not asked, but I don’t think they would be willing to change pins mid day…


By Blues, you mean… Blacks. The tips and front have new Tee colors this year at BGC


@SecondCityGC …at least three spots available for this event on Sunday May21 (see above). Sign up/confirm if you want to join or put your info as an alternate. If we can’t field 28 players, I’ll release the tee times in a couple of days, but it will be a shame if we can’t get 28 people together.


Sent over PayPal a little bit ago. Looking forward to this!


@SecondCityGC 5 spots now available. Don’t let this turn into a limited field event :).