2021: The Year of the Blade.... still time to get your hoodies! (post 8625) (Part 1)

Tell the gui fitting you that you’re open to and want to try blades. You might find that they are the ones for you. Especially in the scoring clubs.

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As I said above, go with the lightest and most flexible iron you can control. If the S300 works, no reason to change.

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1 iron fo sho. With a nice traditional font.

I was thinking calf.

Mine will be on my leg. Thinking hosel running down between my ankle and Achilles, head sticking out of my sock.

Sounds fucking painful as fuck.


@FootWedges now this is a movement I can get behind! Thanks for thinking of me. This thread is giving me anxiety about how accurate it is… blades, P790’s, loft… It is hitting way too close to home.

I took the ol’ Hogan Apex’s out of the basement a few months ago and threw them in a framed box for my office. These were my babies for years, but I just wasn’t playing as much and thought I needed a more forgiving iron.

I went the fitting route and walked away with a custom set of P790’s. (Do fitters recommend any other irons, or is TM just incentivizing the fuck out of them). All of a sudden I’m hitting 180 yard 7 irons and catch the Bryson bug. However, I wasn’t cutting strokes from my game.

Now comes time for the DMV Fall Classic, hell of an event @RobertHunter, and take the blades to the range and for a quick 18 at good ol’ EBCC (East Baltimore Country Club/ Clifton Park) and have the most enjoyable round of golf I’ve had in years. Just striping the ball, distance control, ball flight perfection…

As you can see, the shadow box is empty and I can’t imagine I’m putting the P790’s back in the bag anytime soon.

So yes, sign me up for 2021 Year of the Blade! Back to being Hogan brand loyalist!


If you do go into a fitting and tell the fitter you are open to blades, please make sure the fitter tries different sole widths and blade lengths, because turf interaction is a real thing and is more than just your proper lie angle.


S300 is kind of like the exception to the rule to.

It’s such a familiar feel to most people that changing it up will do more damage than good.

However, if you struggle late in the round or range session or have a hard time with 3,4,5 iron. It’s likely because they are too heavy.

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LETS GOOO! This is a great post. I’m a former P790 player, too. Excited to have you.

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This is a real thing and the reason I’m going away from the 790s. Even though I ordered mine a degree weak they still tend to go to far and I can’t get used to the wider sole.

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I’m out of calf, so maybe I go shin? It hurts like a mother fucker, but worth it for sure.

It really isn’t awful, having had one of the 2 done. Shin and knee ditch are far, far worse.

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Only ankle for me so far. Tattoos on your legs fucking suck, in my opinion. But alas. Out of room on the top limbs*.

** for now.

The legs are made worse for me because I’m Max Homa hairy. For the biggest one on my right calf I think my guy went through like 3 razors getting all the hair off there. I’m not a tiny human, but not big enough to normally think I can dull that many razors with a calf.

I’m liking the ankle idea poking out of the sock though. Kind of a IYKYK situation.

Fuck, i didn’t think of that. I’m in the same boat. I can’t even imagine what it’s like having the hair grow back and the tattoo healing at the same time.

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Leg hair, at least for me, grew back much more slowly than the tattoo healed. It wasn’t a bunch of misery all at once, but more of a slow burn because of that.

We talking leg tattoos now? Don’t be scared of the hair getting in the way!


The fact that it took us over 450 posts to get this far off track is a damned miracle.


I, for one, am very glad that the people talking about tattoos are guys with tattoos. Because I don’t need anyone crying to me when their wife kicks their ass because they got a dumb tattoo.

If you have a bunch, you probably already have a dumb one. Let’s go. Add another.


Plenty of dumb ones… I’m thinking it should be American traditional to fit my theme I got going on my left arm and leg

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