2021(?) Ryder cup/ Who makes your COVID Cup roster?!

The podcast episode that got me obsessed with NLU was the Oral history of the Ryder Cup. I am hoping to have this be fluid discussion that takes shape on its own. Who are people’s favorites to make or miss a team? Guesses on who will win? Favorite moments/highlights/lowlights from 2018?

The wound is still fresh from France. That is all.


I’m pulling for Li Roy to make a push to be on the team

I hate to pull at the thread but which part hurt the most?

Watching the Cat/Reed Combo and Noren’s putt on 18 come to mind for me… would it hurt less if Bryson has just conceded?(I think so…)

Just the fact that our team seems so inferior, complicated, and petty. All the Euros do is get together, win, and then drink. It is a simpler life. A better life.

Deep down I just think the Euros do the Ryder Cup better and that stings. Watching Patrick Reed self implode in the only event he was likeable in hurt. Watching Cat stink hurt. Watching Phil take iron off a tee, put it in the water, and show tell-tale signs of his fading into the darkness hurt.

The only bright spots are JT and Brooks. Cold, calculated killers. Cannot wait to watch them in Ryder Cups for years to come.


JT 2018 highlights are pretty sick actually.

I dont know how they do it. Sergio was in the wilderness and came out with. Winning record… it’s just like they have that event dialed in somehow.

Team chemistry in the Ryder cup is everything. When you have a bunch of guys that are bickering with each other over floozies and hurt feelings because they want to play with other people it’s gonna go downhill. Just genuinely seems like the euros are good no matter who they get paired with.

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Do you think they bounce back in 2020? I think there will be some new faces…

I hope so. Talent wise there’s no doubt but they are fragile from a team perspective.

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Team USA often brings some personalities that I don’t necessarily love…ESPECIALLY after 2018. I am hoping there is a bit of a shakeup in 2020…

I hope so. Too many soft me me me personalities. I am really hoping for more Finau, Xander types. I hope that wolff and morikawa and the young guys get up there and make some noise.

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Who do you think makes the European team in 2020? I think their roster will have some (maybe a lot?) of new faces.

Super lame answer but I’d say all the names you can think of off the top of your head. Not really sure about the young guys coming up on the euro tour as I don’t really keep up with them too much.

If I were to guess today… (Total crack pot guessing)

Matt Wallace.

Reed (:grimacing:)
Bryson (:grimacing:)

US team looks pretty dead on. Fowler and Kuchar are pretty likely as well but beyond those 14 it would take a pretty big year from someone (Morikawa is an interesting candidate).

Missing Molinari (who’s as close to a dead cert as anyone not named McIlroy or Rahm) and Stenson for Europe, imho.


Frankie has to be a lock, unlike us fucking up the Speith/Reed pairing they are smart enough to roll with tommy and Frankie til they mess up themselves. They are damn good together

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I was thinking about Molinari. He was the only person I thought long and hard about and didn’t list him, though he is probably a lock.

Bobby MAC (as I like to call him) has a bright future and I’m a Fitzpatrick fan so I hope he makes it. Would also like to see Pieters but unless he gets hot soon I don’t see it happening. Overall, I think they start adding youth soon to get some experience.

JT and Spieth were pretty sick together but I don’t see JT having much issue matching up with most guys so I think you make a very valid point there. I will get this out of the way now, JT is my favorite player on tour so I have a strong bias haha

Agreed, he could be paired with anyone. I’d love to see him and Rick get paired together. Tiger needs to pair up with someone who wouldn’t be affected by playing with him. I think DJ would be a good person, never really seems affected by anything.

Hard to be affected by anything when you haven’t got much going on upstairs