2021 golf goals

How did everyone do on 2020 golf goals and what are 2021 golf goals?

    2020 golf goals. 
  1. Get handicap to 0 at some point in 2020 (Did not complete. 1.7 handicap was best of the season)

  2. Average 8+ GIR
    (didn’t keep close enough stats to know)

  3. Birdie all 18 at windmill
    (Did not complete. Birdied all holes except 17. Did not complete in 2019 either. Birdied all except 6)

  4. 75 or better in a tournament round (competed)

2021 golf goals

1: birdie all 18 at windmill

2: 0 handicap or better

3: break 80 at pinehurst #2

4: Top 5 finish at Portage County Am


FYI. Check out this thread. Very similar.



2020 goals were mainly to

-continue improving consistency :heavy_check_mark: (esp improved markedly off the tee)

-maintain a single digit hdcp :no_entry_sign: (crept up into 10 range in Feb and never got back)

-shoot a new career low :heavy_check_mark: (77 few weeks ago, prev was 79)

-improve on my one career ace/eagle :heavy_check_mark: (no aces but did eagle a par 4 and par 5 this year)

Goals for 2021:

-break 77 (or 7 over)

-make another eagle/ace

-maintain single digit cap for more than 1-2 months

-get the hdcp under 9

  1. Get handicap to plus something (at 0.5 at the moment)

  2. Birdie all 18 holes at Hog Neck (had all but one last year)

  3. Make cut in the Delaware Amateur and Open (made cut in Am last year, missed cut at Open)

  4. Average under 76 for all my rounds (was around 76.5 last year)

  5. Get back to Pinehurst

  1. Play Pinehurst-accomplished after a covid delay. Loved every second of that trip

That was my only 2020 goal as I was moving from California to Texas

2021 goals. Get to a 5 handicap, currently 8.
Take a lesson. Probably after covid lightens up a bit

  1. Get the index back down to single digits
  2. Continue to vibe.

As a 14 handicap, I’d really like to get down to single digit handicap. It’s an aggressive goal but I’ve started practicing consistently for a couple hours per week and have really started to see the results. Unfortunately, the lowest differential I posted in 2020 was 10. I need to get my drives out there a little further so i can hit more 7 irons and less 5 irons on my home course. My short game is pretty good but I have to rely on it way too much because I have a lot of approach shots in from 170-80.

Adding break 80. Have come close a lot but never done it.


There were bright sides of 2020. I walked 9 holes nearly every day from mid-March through April. I started 2020 with a 17.5 and ended with a 14.8. Shooting for single digits before 2022. Also looking for a bucket list golf trip. Was hoping for Bandon but looks to be booked solid for the foreseeable future.

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I’d like to go from 7 to 5. Seems doable.

I improved a lot throughout the year last year practicing due to my 5 year old’s golf obsession.

  1. Get handicap from 14 to 10
  2. Walk more rounds
  3. Get the dream Bandon or Pinehurst trip on the books

Didn’t have any goals in 2020 due to picking up golf in July as a new sport/hobby/obsession. Goals going forward for 2021 are-

  1. Start keeping score. It’s a big mental hump for me to get over, but I need to do it just so I can give myself some objective feedback. Leads to my next point…
  2. Keep a handicap. Again, just to give myself an idea of where I stand. Would like to be able to play in small sided games and that sort of thing. Would also like to see my number (hopefully) trend in the right direction.
  3. Quit buying golf stuff I don’t need. Only golf related purchases need to be consumables that wear out and lessons/greens fees.
  4. Join a club. Was on the fence about a private club, but backed off due to cost/distance from my apartment. There’s a nice semi-private group with two courses that are both 10 minutes away so I may join there in a month or so. Lot of life changes coming this year so private club may still be in the cards but will hold off for now and wade in the semi-private route.

2020 Golf Goals:

  • Sub 5 handicap (currently a 6) - got to a 5.6, had several rounds in the 70’s but had quite a few in the 80’s

  • DB free round - I shot a 74 with a Triple…so technically that’s not a Double Bogey…

  • Shoot Par - either on 9 or 18 - Done on back 9 3 times

  • Improve ball striking to help eliminate the blow up hole - improved significantly this year in this area

2021 Golf Goals:

  • Sub 5 handicap, preferably around a 4

  • Shoot Even Par on 18

  • Double Bogey Free Round

  • Successful Scotland Golf Trip in June

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  1. Par every hole at our home course

That is all

  1. Birdie challenge at my home course.
  2. Have the nads to play in a CGA mid-am qualifyer.
  3. Break 80 in a CGA one day.

Here was my 2020 results:

Golf Related:
Break 100 Check
Play at least 25 rounds Check
PPR under 2 Nope
Walk more Nope

Non Golf:
Loose 12% of body weight Nope, but So Close
Limit alcohol consumption to weekends Nope, Hahaha

Golf Related:
Break 85
PPR Under 2
Get Fitted
New Clubs

Non Golf:
Limit Alcohol to Golf/Weekends
Proper Hydration
Lift/Core Workouts 3x a Week
Cardio 2x a Week


My 2021 goal is to have the mods consolidate repetitive threads


Edit: This is also more of a wish than a goal.


My 2021 goal is to always keep my mouth shut after I hit a bad shot. I have a bad habit of bitching after a few bad shots and I finally realized it is not a good look. I noticed the people I play with who I like the most, tend to be silent after they hit a stinker.


the same goal i’ve had since 1984:

clean card.

edited to add: no double bogeys. more rounds with strangers. more walking. eagles…lots of eagles.


  1. No equipment changes
  2. More rounds in the 70’s/30’s than 80’s/40’s
  3. Break 80 in the club championship
  4. Make an eagle (Only had 1 all time but many 3 putt pars so that’s cool…)
  5. Improve from 81-101 SS to 85-105 average
  6. Play more rounds with my kids than anyone else

Number 6 > 1-5