2021 Duel after Dark Results!

Degenerates and Refugees,

It is my honor to tentatively bring you the first event of the 2021 season. As the tournament committee met to bring you the best event possible, we reached the agreement of trying something new and absolutely wild. Pitch and Putt after Dark. 9 holes of stroke play to determine the seedings and 9 hole matches to determine a winner.

Here are the details of the event to date…

Location : Suncoast Golf Center, Sarasota, FL
Date : TBD January-February
Time : PM
Cost : TBD
Additional Rounds : Sara Bay Country Club

At this time we are trying to determine if there’s enough interest. Please state your interest below.

Kindest Regards,
The Committee


I’m v v interested

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Definitely in for this

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We will be hammering out the logistics in the coming days, this event is likely a go.


Was just looking on google maps and got absolutely shooketh when I saw TPC Prestancia. Totally forgot that’s a thing that exists.

It shouldn’t exist. It’s horrendous

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I’m in.

I am in if it is in January!

Sounds like fun. Following with interest.

Information has been submitted to Suncoast on dates, etc. as soon as we hear more, I’ll post it. Looking at one of the Friday’s in the middle of the month of January.

I’d be looking to make a long weekend of it. Presuming we can get on at TPC Prestancia and/or Sara Bay with an assist after the event?

I’m a member at SBCC so I can help with that, if you want to play TPC, I’ve got nothing for you


I’m interested!


Either one would be more than spectacular. I have no idea about access on that side of the state so I’m not presuming anything.

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Count me in

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Also very interested :+1:

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Defiantly interested

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I’d make an appearance if the date works for me

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How generous of you, Mr. Double NIT Qualifier :joy:


How many rounds/days of match play would there be?