2020 Scotland Itinerary

Hi everyone – just finalized booking this 4-man 6-day trip to East Lothian and St Andrews. Posting here for inspiration. Did all the booking by myself, total cost (hotels, greens fees, rental car but excluding flights) is about $3300 USD. Staying two people to a room. Will be the first time for everyone in Scotland,

Obviously doesn’t include the Old Course but plan is to enter the daily ballot every day we are on the ground. No one in the group has the appetite to start waiting at 1am. If we dont get on, just gives me a reason to go back.

Scotland 2020

July 7

Flight to Edinburgh – Depart JFK 925pm

July 8

Arrive Edinburgh, 925am

Sixt Rental Car (VW Caddy 7 seater Auto)

230pm – North Berwick Golf Club]

Stay at MacDonald Marine Hotel and Spa, North Berwick

July 9

930am – Luffness New Golf Club

248pm – Gullane No 1

Stay at MacDonald Marine Hotel and Spa, North Berwick, 2 rooms

July 10

11:04AM – Kilspindie Golf Club – would not have known about this place if not for Tourist Sauce

Drive to St Andrews

Stay at Hotel du Vin, St. Andrews, 2 rooms

July 11

840am – Kingsbarns

300pm – Crail - Balcomie

Stay at Hotel du Vin, St. Andrews, 2 rooms

July 12

AM open – (Could add something in the morning if we feel like it)

420 pm - Carnoustie

Stay at Hotel du Vin, St. Andrews, 2 rooms

July 13

930am – Dumbarnie

330pm – Elie

Stay at Hotel du Vin, St. Andrews, 2 rooms

July 14

Fly home, 10:55am Departure from EDI


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Looks really good. I’m planning a pretty similar itinerary as we speak.

Hadn’t heard of Dumbarnie before. I see that it’s opening this year. What do you know about it?

@nandersen waiting for his flight confirmation #…

playing North Berwick, Kingsbarns, and Carnoustie in April already :wink:


not much, but saw some pictures on another thread here and it’s right near Elie so made for an easy 36-hole day. It’s not cheap – 235 pounds – and seems to be going after the Kingsbarns crowd.

And it’s gonna be SICK

I don’t get to play North Berwick, but I added Dunbar, Gullane #1, and Royal Dornoch to my itinerary

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Have you made your Kilspindie tee time? I see that they haven’t started advertising their 2020 rates.

yes i have – 65 pounds for 18 holes on a weekday

Thanks, I just sent them an e-mail for our group visiting in May!

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I am doing Scotland in October with my old man and here is our itinerary:

Day 1 - Arrive
Day 2 - Elie
Day 3 - Carnoustie
Day 4 - Ballot
Day 5 - Off
Day 6 - Gullane 1
Day 7 - North Berwick
Day 8 - Depart

We are taking it slow and just doing 18 a day since my dad is getting up there in age. Staying at The Craigmore in St Andrews and the Ducks Inn in North Berwick.

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Also, not to hijack but I went through a service and paid $1950 a person for the above itinerary in the first week or October. Will have to pay for the Old Course if we get on. Does not include flights or rental car. I’ve never done that type of trip before (or been out of the country other than Bermuda if that counts) so wanted to leave it to someone who knows more than I do. Did I get had?

That depends on your accommodations and how you value your time. The fees for the golf you’ve listed are about £600, or $775 currently. If you think your accommodations and not having to deal with planning are worth anywhere near $1200, then you didn’t get had.

There is some had but I expected to pay for someone’s services. Didn’t want to mess up what will probably be my only trip to Scotland with my dad.

North Berwick is so great! Played last year had an amazing caddie that was a member so gave tons on history. Town super fun I wish I spent more time there looking to return next summer.

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Consider playing Burnside the morning you play Carnoustie. The course weaves a bit with Championship course and there are a number of excellent holes. The Trust may even do a day package rate.

Looks great guys. I’d strongly consider playing Gullane no.2 course while you’re there too (Willie Park design)

That’s exactly right. I’m a fairly experienced international traveler and an obsessive researcher/planner, so I enjoyed the entire process. But it took me 20+ hours, so take that for what it’s worth.

great looking itinerary…super jelly. Have yet to get to the home island yet.

Would highly recommend Panmure GC on the morning you play Carnoustie… Just a mile away and a fabulous course.

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