2020 Ryder Cup Brewhaha

Hey all,

I mentioned to some of the RACDG folks the idea of doing an NLU meetup/trip to the 2020 Ryder Cup.

My idea is this:
Thursday + Friday golf @ Sand Valley
Saturday attend Ryder Cup @ Whistling Straits
Sunday find a local bar to take over and watch the Singles matches

Open to alternate itineraries, but my thought process is that Sunday tickets would be the toughest to get, especially for a large group.

I’d most likely cap the trip at 24 (2, 12 man teams for our own Refuge Ryder Cup with a live draft Wednesday night).

This idea is time sensitive if we want to book Sand Valley. I’ve been in contact with their group coordinator and they need preferences submitted by April 30th.
I’d like to gauge interest so that I can get pricing estimates from SV.
Deposits would need to be made after April 30th.

If we don’t get moving on the SV plan, I would still be open to playing other courses in WI and attending the Ryder Cup (perhaps Lawsonia?).



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I’ve been 100% down for this since we first chatted about it.

I love the idea of taking a Euro contingent over, but the reality is that I might not be able to muster 12 people. I go to the States all the time and think nothing of it, but to others it’s a big deal. Also, people are kinda shit here. Most people’s idea of a good golf week is somewhere really cheap with really cheap beer!

I’ll certainly try though. We’re having our first meeting on Sunday & Monday so I’ll propose it over dinner and see what the reaction is.

Alternatively I could bring as many as I can and then some US / Canadian / ROW peeps may have to come over to the Dark Side.

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As long as we get 24, I don’t care where they’re from!
When we get 24 committed, we can figure out teams.
I LOVE the idea of a drunken live draft, though. Would be so fun


IN! Don’t even need to know details. Just count me in.

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As fun as this sounds, I’m doing some quick math and it’s quickly adding up to a $1,500 trip for me between flights, lodging, and green fees.

I should probably take the fiance somewhere nice for our anniversary instead :confused:

Bring her with, that’s what I did last time at SV. My girlfriend had a blast with the drunk old guys at the Mammoth Bar




If I have any time left after Ireland in 2020, I’m in.

Am I reading this as an open invite? :grimacing: How close do we think the $1500 figure is? I am peaking at flights (from WA, if it matters), but do not know much about these green fees/Cup tickets. But this is something I may be very, very into.

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Open invite up to 24 (will definitely* still plan if it’s less than 24)!

I honestly have no idea on pricing. My thought process is that a year and a half is more than enough time to save haha

I’m expecting a phone call with the group director at SV tomorrow, will have a better idea on pricing then. I’m just trying to gauge interest because numbers will dictate lodging options, etc.

Also, I expect there will be two tiers to the trip: budget and baller.

I will be doing the budget option.

@The_Cad_Says will most definitely not be at the Airbnb with me, you’ll find him soaking his feet in the hot tub at the Ritz after walking Whistling lol


Love this haha it’s been my approach to things over the last year or so and feel like its been paying off.

Classic @The_Cad_Says tho, maybe he’ll let us pick through the left overs of his seasonal fruit tray after breakfast each morning…

Count me in though!


Quick cost projection:

SV Greens Fees (1 round Mammoth, 1 round SV, 1 round Sandbox)- $495
SV Lodging (2 nights in Cabins)- $500 (lodge option- $350)

RC Tickets- $200
RC Lodging 2 nights (8 person Airbnb)- $50

Total: $1245 + tax

Edit: a much cheaper option would be Lawsonia. Their all day golf pass is $145. Lodging near there would be much cheaper, as well.


This sounds awesome! Wife and I are planning a trip to Italy next year during this time frame though. It will be blast for y’all I’m sure.

I would be absolutely down, the only trouble is i’m pretty bad at golf currently. 2020 Ryder Cup gives me time to get my game in shape though. Don’t want to embarrass myself in front of the Refuge


So, what are we doing on the second golf day???


Just get a handicap and, if it’s high enough, I’m sure you’ll be an early pick! haha

Tentative plan would be 18 on the big courses each morning, one round on the Sandbox each afternoon. I’ll update when I call the group director tomorrow if there are replay options

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Don’t let that stop you - I’ve done that plenty… no one cares how you play, just that you have a good time.