2020 Old Course Private Advance Tee Time

Has anyone who entered heard back yet? Website says today is the day…

Just checked my junk folder and our group’s approval was there. TOC on June 1st and TNC on June 2nd.

Now I gotta plan the rest of our trip!



I got one for next December.

Gives me plenty of time to buy some cold weather gear.

I got the end of June. What airline sites are you guys using?

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I fly Delta - so I’ll book direct with them. Track prices via Google Flights.

Mine was in junk mail, I was in a panic today that we somehow got lost. April 2020 is ours.

How does the price compare to getting a wake-up-at-3am-and-wait-in-line tee time?

Price should be the same. We didn’t pay an authorized provider for the tee times, we put in for the advanced ballot.

when will this reopen for 2021?

Got denial email yesterday for a foursome in Late July. Was successful with the early ballot my first time (in 2016) as a single but struck out the next two times trying to get more people through the process. It is high season but was hoping for some luck on the 3rd try.

Playing New Course and Old Course - $440 total

Not sure what the walk up price is, assume similar.

We went lottery route first because it basically cut the price of our trip in half, if not a little more than half vs going with a guaranteed provider.

Our plan for now is:
Day 1: Elie/Crail
Day 2: Old Course
Day 3: New Course
Day 4: Carnoustie
Day 5: Troon
Day 6: Turnberry
Day 7: Prestwick

Might sneak another round in.

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Late August/Early September 2020

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It’s always in September. The window to enter is a couple weeks long. The tough thing for 2021 is that The Open is there which eats up a big chunk of public times before the tournament.


Oh shoot I didn’t even think about that. I think we would be going after the tournament.

Perfect year to go to Ireland…ha

Play western if you get the chance

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Everyone’s mileage will vary but I did a Scotland trip this summer that went like: 18 Monday (arrival day), 18 Tues, 36 Wed, 18 Thurs, 18 Fri, free day Saturday, leave on Sunday. For me, it was Too Much Golf, and my trip didn’t cover very much ground on the map. By the time I hit the turn on round 2 of the 36 hole day I badly needed to lie down. If I did it again, I’d do a day off in the middle, and maybe a 2-on 1-off rotation.

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Also got an unfortunate ‘denied’ email for early August. Last year a denied as well, so going to light some candles for August 2021…

Like an earlier forum member mentioned; perfect now to visit Ireland for a golfing trip, Aug 7-15! Can’t wait! Final confirmed list:

Day 1 Portsalon
Day 2 Rosapenna OTM
Day 3 Day off or 9 holes Cruit Island
Day 4 Rosapenna Sandy Hills
Day 5 Portrush Valley
Day 6 Portrush Dunluce
Day 7 RCD
Day 8 Ardglass
Day 9 Adare Manor

Countdown has officially started :slight_smile:

PS, still hurts though not to play the Old Course with my father, but the alternative is strong, and the Guinness will be tasteful! :slight_smile:

That’s a cool trip, some fun quirky courses mixed with some of the slam dunk ones, enjoy that. . Long drive from Ardglass to adare. Are you in and out of Shannon Airport ?

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