2020 NLU Events Schedule

I am working my way into it that is why I am looking into getting into some of these events. I have a “regular” group of about 12 guys I normally play with on Wed, Sat and Sun during the season, but I think it would be fun every once in a while to branch out and meet some new people, play some different course etc

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I would say if you’re looking to join official NIT events (I believe Milwaukee is the Soly hosted one), that justifies the $90 cost alone. Plus you get 15% off merch if you like the NLU shop.

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always add an entire day on at least one side of the event, you are always going to like the folks more than you think. i missed out on Moraine in Cincinnati because i was a moron, huge regrets.

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The first 10 minutes!


Just long enough to distract you from first tee jitters!

Exactly. I broke my “playing with internet stranger” cherry last month. Now I might be dogsitting for him while he goes off and plays Streamsong :slight_smile:


I think the idea is the 9th to go watch the final round of the KFC tour event @ Pumpkin Ridge


Thinking about attending an event. Do I have to have a ghin handicap or can it be u.s. handicap since its usga approved.

I’m not the authority on this so someone (C-suite? @iacas?) please correct me if I’m wrong, but US Handicap is also part of the WHS so it’s good. Mine was honored at a GHIN club’s member guest this past weekend


USGA Licensing

Compliant golf clubs on US Handicap are licensed directly by the USGA and appear on http://www.usga.org in their authorized club database. Each compliant club on this site will link to it’s official listing on http://www.usga.org

If you have a Handicap Index on this site, then your handicap is licensed and recognized with the USGA.


Yo. I’m new here. Saw that there is an event in Satx at Brack. What exactly is this? I live in the area and love that track.


Welcome! Here’s the link to the thread with all details

Do you or did you also love professional wrestling?

Edit - I mixed up my NLU meetups, wrestling is in Detroit. Still, the question stands.


I’m new to the party here, and just started diving into the Nest podcasts. From Detroit area, did I miss the sign up for the Maxamania event at Rackham, or has it not opened up yet?

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Have fun going through the thread! I believe space is still available. @JBors and @Lazstradamus are the two hooligans who are Dueling that day. They can answer better than I can about space.

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I wish I could like this comment more haha. An incredibly accurate depiction of the interactions I’ve had with all the people I’ve met here. That’s awesome man!


I couldn’t follow half of this but I’m new here definitely want to play in the Detroit tournament how do I sign up? Never played tournament golf but whoever plays with me will have some fun and drink some good whisky.


Looking forward to information about the Sweetens Super Regional. No excuse like it being your birthday, right?


You can find the details and sign-up sheet for Detroit here:

Still wondering the same thing