2020 NLU Events Schedule

Friends of The Refuge,

Above is the first piece of collateral surrounding the event schedule for the year. We’ll have an infrastructure in place in the coming weeks/months for signing up for events, as well as firmer details on costs and logistics.

As mentioned when we rolled out The Nest, members will get first crack at each event. Based upon the enthusiasm on various threads and feedback to the member pod, we anticipate some of these will likely sell out before we’re able to even offer to The Refuge at large. If you’re unfamiliar, more information regarding The Nest can be found here.

A few things to discuss:

  • The local series is intended to be more regional and bare bones (essentially a meet-up via a string of tee times.) Our aim is not for people to travel great distances to play in one of the local meetups.
  • We love seeing the Refuge Events popping up. We’ll add the ones possessing critical mass to the schedule as they develop so that everything is aggregated in one place. Will also post and regularly update a running document that shows spots available via which events, who has qualified thus far, etc.
  • We’ll look to add local events as schedule allows and where demographics dictate. If we don’t get to your region this year I promise we’ll take that into account for next year’s slate. We intend to grow this each year. We’re also mindful of formulating a plan for the signups for the big events to take place concurrently so you can plan schedules, prioritize which ones you want to play in, etc.
  • Please don’t expect to play in a bunch of these. Let The TC Way be your guide: use your best judgment and don’t be a scumbag. Our intent is for as many people as possible take part in these.
  • As intimated in the graphic above, the variety of events will serve as a qualifying series of sorts for the NIT. Eligibility for the NIT will be limited to Nest members, but should you find yourself in a qualifying position after an event you will have the option to join the Nest that same day to secure the spot (shoutout to the LPGA’s Q School setup.)

Appreciate everyone’s interest and support. More to come!

No laying up,


@Tron Excellent work on that graphic, makes sense.
Bottom line: I need to qualify in Scotland. My only other shot would be Chicago, but I am afraid that even if I did qualify in Chicago, a 3rd golf trip might be hard to sell.

Take care of business in Scotland, secure the bye, straight through to the NIT.


Going to be that guy…Rustic is 3 weeks out, if we think we can make it…just plan the trip and await details, or do you recommend we confirm a sign-up / slot before committing any resources to travel?


As we are so close in and still building this stuff out we’re going to do registration slightly differently for that one - members of the Nest should look out for an email from DJ tomorrow with event and registration details.


Appreciate you guise, thanks

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Puts meeting placeholder for June in NYC. Not sure of topic yet but have time to make up a reason to travel up

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This banner thing is wild @Tron

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lol just doing some #testing. Carry on!


Newbie here - what’s the difference between the category of events?

Ok now


How do I signup for the Charlotte Refuge event? Will formal signups come out for those or do I need to search it out on the Refuge?

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That signup is ongoing… hit the search bar and find the thread. Refuge meetups are very organic entities

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Great question, thanks for asking. Give the nest podcast a listen.

Readers Digest version: pricepoints, number of rounds, number of exemptions to NIT, extracurricular activities, etc. are all variables between categories.

Local meetups are to meet you guis where you’re at (or hopefully somewhat close). We don’t recommend anyone travel extensively for these - they’re basically a bare bones block of tee times. Just play some golf and find some community.

Refuge meetups are member-organized events that have popped up organically on The Refuge. The elements will vary by location, organizer, theme, etc. Some with certain attributes and critical mass will be considered for NIT qualifying spots.

The “C-Suite” ones are more premium experiences (Scotland trip; BMW experiences in Greenville (will include playing golf + watching golf + driving experience) and Chicago (playing golf + watching golf + activity in the city).

The “Super Regionals” are more akin to a traditional tournament/outting and are two-day affairs and will be fairly priced ($500-800 neighborhood is what it’s looking like)

And then the NIT will be a pupu platter of everything listed above and then some :wink:

Hope this helps!


Also, it’s been brought to our attention that there’s some confusion regarding what is/isn’t scummy when it comes to the Refuge meetups. That’s my bad and TC regrets the error.

So let’s be clear: until these things become overrun and unwieldy and new people aren’t able to experience them (which would be a great problem and we’ll figure out a system from there), we encourage people to go to as many of the Refuge meetups as you are able to! Shoutout to No Limit Records.




It’s gonna be a bonkers 2020.

Guis, it’s all about the hang. The NIT is a nice bonus for those that get in, but the camaraderie at these events is what it’s all about.

Had the great Fortune of going to Pinehurst and the golf (as great as it was), was secondary to the friendships made that weekend.



Hmmm my best bet is super Regionals to try and qualify. Gonna try and go to NC though. I’m guessing sweetens cove super regionals is a qualifier right?


Awesome - thanks for clarifying. I think some of us were feeling retroactively scummy about already being committed to meetups well before the NIT announcement.