2020 First Major Thread - CANCELLED

Let’s get it. Let this be the place for all your thoughts on the tournament, the scores, the hitting-5-into-17-for-doubles, the overseeded fairways, Kiradech, This is March, Tacos on Twelve, the Fifth Major debate, the strongest field in golf, and Ken Duke’s 65.

I think all the Fifth Major talk is going to confuse the hell out of Brooks Koepka. I think he goes full Ricky Bobby this weekend. If you ain’t first, you’re last.

Welcome to our humble swamp city. Watch for gators. Avoid the TGI Fridays on Southside.


As I will be travelling to a place without cell service or wifi this weekend, #FanVoteFriday is the highlight of my golf viewing this week. Vote Stenson-Scott-Kaymer early and often.

I voted three times and on my 4th account, they asked for a cell phone number. :frowning:

Rose might want to renegotiate his clothing deal. :confused:


Square number 71 from Bingo is the center of my board. Really counting on a “player within 3 shots of lead in final round hits water on #17 at PLAYERS Championship”


It’s going to happen. The fun part is whether or not you root for one of your favorite players to rinse it while in contention.

Phil is chewing gun again! That man is going to give himself TMJ.

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And he needs someone to pull his hat down properly. It currently seems perched loosely on his head!

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Lotta birdies on the board early, but JT looks ready to lift and separate.

On the course right now. Looking pretty lush.


I have really been surprised by the photos I have been seeing this week. The place looks absolutely immaculate.

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Exteemely green. Almost looks fake.

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Not a good start for Rory.


Check out the PGA tour twitter…they posted 18 ariel photos of the holes. Dark lush Rye, white sand bunkers trimmed very tight, pine straw visible from trees that are shimmed up half way…what does this color palette remind you of? :face_with_monocle: #notmyfirstmajor


“That’s one…”

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So nice to see a pro pull off one of my usual shots.

Horschel hot early. A gator that lives in PVB winning would be epic.

thoroughly caught up in this whole Xander drop situation currently going on at Hole 16


MAJOR props to the PGA tour live announcers for shutting their mouths during that whole conversation with the rules official. You could even hear the rules official radio chatter about what they were seeing on TV replay. That was perfect golf broadcast work, IMO


I am stuck in a meeting right now. Grrrrrrr.