2020 Birdie Challenge

I’m going to try the Birdie Challenge next year at the club that I play the most. I don’t have a regular group of golf buddies so I am really just doing it against myself as a personal goal.

Audubon Park Gold Course
New Orleans, LA
Par - 62
Yardage - 4,189

Anyone else thinking of doing the challenge in 2020?

Moderator Edit: Apparently lots of other people are thinking of doing the challenge in 2020. Google Sheet for the squad.


What if we expanded it to each of our own clubs… a virtual birdie challenge? With high cap burden it would need to be a par challenge for me though. I get about 2 birdies per season…


I’m all for it if we someone can develop a way for everyone to track their birdies in one simple and easy to use location.

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I’m doing it at both Franklin Park GC and George Wright GC (Boston, MA). Probably more likely at GW as I play there more often.


I tried in 2019 and I did not birdie 4 holes. I’m a 9.6 index for reference.

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I just used the notes app on my phone.

Pretty cool idea, thinking back I know I haven’t birdied the following on my main course Mayfair Country Club in the following year:

1, 10, 11, 13, 18.

Hell, if I got a par on one I would be worried the world was about to end.

I’m gonna keep one scorecard for tracking birdies.

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I’m going to track on the second course I play a lot as well, it’s much harder though so I don’t see it happening there.

A shared Google doc would work. Just list names down the left, and holes 1-18 across the top, and then people can update the spreadsheet with their own best score for the hole for the year. -1, 0, +1, -2, whatever.

I’m sure the question of fairness, handicaps, and strokes would come up. A Google Sheet would be easy as long as people didn’t take it too seriously.

Group of us tried it this year at home course. One guy missed by one hole, par 3 interestingly. Potentially the easiest of the par 3s. Hes a 3. Im a 13. Hard to feel like odds are anywhere close. I haven’t birdied some of the holes at all in eleven years at the club.

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How so? Let people make it whatever they want. General guidelines might be “If you’re over 15, it’s a par challenge, and under, it’s a birdie challenge” but if a 17 wanted to do a birdie challenge because they’re a bomber who makes a lot of triples and a lot of pars and birdies, let 'em.

I mean, it’s not like this is serious. And by keeping your ringer score, even those who don’t complete the challenge will be able to say that their ringer score was -19 or -15 or whatever.


I’m all for it!

Gives you people to cheer for and people to cheer for you.

I’m in, though I can think of 4 holes at my home course that will make it a true challenge.
The Golf Club at Lansdowne - Norman Course.

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There’s 6 for me that I know are going to be where the real challenge is. The other 12 I should be able to accomplish over a year.

It just depends if we want to throw money in. Money changes everything. :slight_smile:

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VVHo-WIouZgyshpJdQDrk9lpbqP0b3kG0GuotWBSY_g/edit?usp=sharing (link updated)

Does that work? Go ahead and start adding your names.

I put double bogeys in for myself to start.


Yea, given the inconsistencies in slope/rating, I don’t know if we have any reasonable ways to compare courses.

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If it makes you feel any better, one of the 4 holes I didn’t birdie this year is the hole I live on. It sits there, right outside my back window, taunting me.