2019 Masters - Travel Tips


Very concerning getting tickets anywhere besides from the Masters directly.


Good idea, if they allow it. Get good at using the camera first, otherwise your pictures are likely to turn out like crap unless the lighting and settings happen to line up perfectly. Auto setting is not the way to go.


Im not sure if there is still interest in this, our what the plausibility is of it, but I have two tickets to Tuesday that I won’t in the lottery. If it is feasible, I would be open to trading? I am bringing my dad and it will be both of our first trips - so to be honest I am more keen for the Tuesday practice round to have all golfers on site, a full day of product ( not leaving for the par 3 tournament ) and then watching the actual tournament from the couch together. But with that being said, if you want to trade and we can figure it out then I would be interested.


Our group won the lottery last year and had Tuesday and Wednesday tickets. From the minute I won the tickets I started looking at VRBO’s in Augusta. There were 5 of us that went so we got a relatively large house, but it was perfectly awesome. If you start looking now you should be able to find the size you want at a reasonable price. Otherwise you will either pay a ridiculous amount of $$ to stay in Augusta or have a lengthy drive to the course. They have everything unbelievably organized for the tournament, parking/traffic, included but it is still very busy and will add time to any trip. We stayed about 12 miles from the course and if you mapquest it today it says 20 min. But on tournament/practice days it was more like 30 min.

My strong suggestion is to try and stay in Augusta; whether it is VRBO, AirBnB, etc. it makes it very convenient and less stressful to stay so close. We still got out to Aiken and played the Aiken Golf Club and even hacked it around Augusta Municipal one day.



If you stay in Aiken, you may as well bite the bullet and get in a round at Palmetto Golf Club, it is so worth the price to play such an awesome old club that was designed by Alister MacKenzie.


Yeah. I called them. They don’t take tee times until Jan 1. Made myself a note to call 'em back then!


This is exactly what my group is doing. Also heard the food scene is quite a bit better in Aiken. Those two combined plus being able to rent a house for 4 people for only $400 a night make the 40 min drive worth it.


40 minutes? Only if you drive like Miss Daisy…


Anybody have a feel for booking Air BnBs now vs later? My hunch is the stuff that’s available now is trying to just take advantage of the initial wave of folks who got tickets and more stuff will be popping up.


I must have been an alternate this year because I originally was told I didn’t get drawn in the lottery, but a new notification came through and I got selected. Very excited. For what it’s worth, I was able to book a room at one of the local dumps for much cheaper than anticipated.

I’ll be there Thursday. Thanks for all the input.


How has nobody mentioned Reynolds Plantation?

If I was in your shoes I would Fly to Atlanta on the Friday night, the Friday before the Masters - stay a less expensive hotel in or around ATL - arrive at Reynolds on Sat morning, play golf at Reynolds on Saturday and Sunday (great courses, and close to Augusta. Oconee Course and Great Waters alone are awesome courses), check out on Monday AM and drive over to Augusta… soak in every ounce of Augusta National on Monday… then stay it another less expensive hotel on Monday night (in/around Augusta or maybe back towards Atlanta)… and Fly back out of Atlnata on Tuesday morning.

No brainer.

Reynolds might be a little pricey but b/c you are only staying two nights and its technically not during Masters week, then maybe it wont be too bad.


I have 4 for the practice round on Monday. Can possibly get 2 more for Tuesday practice round from a friend who also hit the lottery, but might not use all 4 of his allotment. So I’d be open for the trade if you wanted.


If you find yourself staying in Columbia, Columbia Country Club or Cobblestone would be my pick on places to play.


Palmetto (in Aiken) is highly recommended.

It’s not a full MacKenzie course, because the layout had been done long before he was there and a variety of guys share credit. But when you’re there you have no doubt that he’s the man responsible for the greens and the bunkers. He did that work at the same time he was in the area looking at what would become Augusta. But at Palmetto the bunkers retain most of the Dr Mac flair. The greens are quite reminiscent of some of the slopes and madness you see at Augusta (not knockoffs at all, there’s just a certain kind of madness that’s unique to AK).

You’re not going to get an “Augusta experience” there most likely. Like most courses in the area they don’t typically overseed so unless it’s been a really warm winter you’ll have dormant fairways and overseeded greens. It’s a very good playing surface even if it doesn’t look great. But the greens putt great and if you play right before or right after seeing ANGC it’s probably about as close as you can get (outside of Breckman’s) to actually getting a sense of what it would be like to putt some of those crazy Dr MacK slopes.

Beyond the greens, it’s also a good course with a nice routing and fun mix of holes.


I played there 2 years ago during Masters week and it was fantastic, greens were pure and rolling about 12, they didn’t overseed fwys or rough but tees were, fwys were perfect, yes a little light colored but firm and fast and perfect lies.


Does anyone have any recommendations on where to play between ATL and Augusta? I’d like to break up the commute from the airport and Augusta each way.


Any of the Reynolds plantation courses.


Reynolds Oconee in Greensboro, GA, is supposed to be good and it is about halfway between ATL and Augusta. If that course is not doable, you can always try some of the other courses around Greensboro.


Got tickets through the lottery in 2018 and “travel hacked” the trip pretty good.

I’m out of Tampa so we flew into Atlanta, which is always pretty cheap because there’s plenty of competition. Used points but it would have been cheap with cash as well.

Car Rental
HIGHLY recommend doing this early. It’s only going to get worse. I once booked a rental car for work in Atlanta the week of The Masters and had to take the MARTA to Sandy Springs just to get a rental car facility with inventory. Got there and the only thing left on the lot was a 4-door Chevy truck.

Stayed at Reynolds Plantation Saturday and Sunday booked with Marriott points. I thought the Taylormade Kingdom of Golf with Trackman club fitting was awesome and I finally decided to buy an M4 this week based on my specs from the fitting.

Stayed at The Partridge Inn. I talked to a few buddies that go to The Masters frequently and they said this is the best hotel in the city for the tournament. Booked with 120,000 Hilton points. Got the points by signing up for a Hilton AmEx like this one. The hotel is currently going for $1100/night and will likely hold there. This is an incredible value for Hilton points and I highly recommend taking advantage of this with the disclaimer about not doing dumb things with credit cards. The hotel also has a free shuttle to/from the course which is very convenient to avoid the parking logistics mess and not worry about driving after a long day of drinking.

We went to Abel Brown for dinner the first night and it was solid. On the end of a strip mall, but the wait staff was good and so was the food. Don’t remember it being crazily priced for a dinner the week of The Masters.