2019 Masters - Travel Tips


Ok ok. I know it’s really early, but I just purchased my tickets for a Tuesday practice round(!!!). I got super lucky with the lottery. I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

I read through this thread:

…and there is some really good information there. My question is more along the lines of where to stay. A buddy of mine recommended Aiken SC. I’ve been told to book as early as possible.

Any thoughts on where to stay? I’m assuming we’ll make a trip out of it and hit up some local courses when it’s not Tuesday. I’m not sure if we’re driving or flying yet, but I’m looking to lock up where we’ll be staying and figure it out from there.



I won lottery for Monday tickets and am doing the same early planning! We can fly direct to Charlotte or Atlanta from Omaha so I think we are looking to go somewhere in the area to play Saturday and Sunday before. Initial thoughts have been Pinehurst, Hilton Head, Kiawah Island. Anyone have any other good recommendations for this? Probably rule out any drives longer than 4 hours (which looks to be what our Pinehurst to Augusta drive would be on Sunday).

As far as lodging in Augusta I just booked (free cancellation up to 24 hours before check in) Sunday and Monday nights at a standard Microtel Inn. It’s overpriced but looks like a normal place to use for some sleep and showers. VRBO and AirBNB didn’t really have options that were going to save us a ton of money and the locations weren’t as convenient.


Any of the places you’re looking at are going to have a ~4 hour drive.

Charlotte to Hilton Head or Kiawah is going to be 4 hours, then another 3.5 to get to Augusta.

Charlotte to Pinehurst is 2 hours and you’ll have a few more options for golf (and most likely less expensive too)


:sob: Don’t they know how much I spend in the merchandise tent?


I got Monday tickets as well and we are thinking of doing Friday/Saturday in Pinehurst and then Sunday/Monday around Augusta. 4 hour drive Sunday morning to get to Augusta is worth it in my mind to get 3 rounds in at Pinehurst.


I am a native of Aiken, SC - so I will try to give you as much information as I can. I attended the Masters every year from ages 7-20 but haven’t been in the last several years.

If Flying: look into Columbia Airport- it’s an hour from Aiken. Charlotte, is 2 hours, Atlanta is 2 1/2 hours.

Aiken Courses to play:
Sage Valley- private and difficult to get on, although its a little less so during masters week.
Palmetto - Private but open for masters. Old style golf course you’ll love.
Aiken Golf Course - Semiprivate in the heart of downtown aiken. Short course, but relatively inexpensive.
Houndslake/Woodside - Country Club neighborhood courses. Decent rounds in town, but not must plays.

Accommodations: personally, I would stay as close to downtown Aiken as possible. This puts your commute to Augusta shorter, and is the true charm of aiken. Also where the better restaurants/bars are.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to help. I am thinking I’ll head to the tournament this year as well. If I do, happy to get a round in.


i struck out again for 10 straight years!!! Boo ya!!!


I was lucky in the draft last year, went Wed. We stayed in Columbia, SC (outside, in Irmo -easy access to interstate, skipping downtown area traffic). No regrets there. If you can land Aiken, it would save some time, but you are going so early in the morning you’ll cruise down there either way. Not a bad option if weighing rates of hotels, and add in a college town, breweries and that kind of scene if looking for it.
You can add in flights to Greenville/Spartanburg (SWST free bag checks) as well, just plan on the drive to Columbia if not flying there. Just another option to weigh against Columbia flights.
Once you roll in to Augusta, everything is coned off and you are basically led to the parking lots next to the course, a well oiled machine.


We’ve stayed in Statesboro, GA (Georgia Southern Univ. is there) the night before. Hour and a half from Augusta, would likely be cheaper than Aiken if you’re worried about cost. You’re probably leaving super early in the morning from there so the commute is pretty easy.


This was the first year I signed up for the lottery and I don’t see an email from them the last few days. Would it be in the Social or Promotions tab if gmail? Or do I have to login to their website to check and it’s not in my email?


I don’t have those auto tag things enabled in my gmail. I got the email yesterday.


I did not get my rejection email yet, but I logged in to Masters>Tickets to view application, and received the bad news. Good luck!


Hotels in Aiken are already filling up crazy fast. I just locked up an airbnb. Was much cheaper than a hotel would have been anyways. FYI.


Was hoping for a miracle this year but no luck :frowning: Oh well, I signed up for the email list for the new women’s tournament at Augusta, so maybe there will be less demand for tickets there. I just want to get on the grounds any way possible.


I thought I was the only one with such fabulous luck.


This isn’t a travel tip but a practice round tip. If you don’t have a nice camera, go buy one. And by “buy one” I mean go to Target, purchase a really expensive camera you would never actually buy for personal use, go to Augusta and take a lot of pictures / video then take that thing right back to Target when you get home (Btw, any / all judgement will fall on deaf ears)



I was lucky enough to win 2 tickets in the lottery for Sunday. That being said I am not able to make it down to Augusta for Sunday, but still want to find a way to make it for the practice rounds. Would anyone in the NLU community be willing to make a trade for tickets that they have on Monday and Tuesday practice rounds for the Sunday tournament round?


Those Sunday tickets are worth way more than a Monday or Tuesday ticket. You might want to consult:



I thought there was some rule against reselling them and all that. Seems like there is likely teeth behind it as well. Anyone know what’s up there?