2019 Major predictions


Indeed. I forget who said it on a Podcast (NLU I think), but the sentiment was that “Jordan just realized he could miss a 4-footer”. Golf is a funny game and sometimes being naive and fearless is a tremendous weapon.

It will certainly be interesting to see what happens in 2019. I can’t wait to watch.


Masters: JT
PGA: Koepka
Open: Fleetwood

Players: Rickie


Masters: Scott, A
US Open: JT
HMUKBO: Big Leish


Here are mine:

Masters: As @Soly said, Jordan is my man at Augusta for the next… 10y or so.
US Open: Cat (really like his chances at PB if he manages to stay in the short grass)
UK British Open: Rors (also like Fleetwood or Rahmbo)
PGA: J-Day.



I don’t know how you bet against Koepka in any of them. Everyone likes to pick Spieth, Rory, and DJ, but none of them have been as consistent as Koepka in the majors in the last 2 years. Its not inconceivable that the guy wins the grand slam. But I can’t argue that the guy needs some pr work. He is crazy for not doing an NLU podcast to give the die hard golf fans a reason to get behind him more.


Masters: Finau
US Open: Rickie
The Open: Fleetwood


Wholeheartedly agree with this. I just don’t want to acknowledge it.

I used to like Brooks when he was this lone wolf American who had played on the Euro Tour but then he segued from quirky underdog to obnoxious jacked jock in a single heartbeat and I lost any interest in him. Brooks winning all for majors would be like Reed doing it. I’d slow clap the result but I wouldn’t love it.


If love to see one of them take them all. Just the attitude of them compared to the average tour pro makes me root for them. They are hated or under appreciated but I think it’s just a misconception from the people around them.


Maters - Rose

PGA - Tiger

US Open - fleetwood

The open - Bjerregaard


When Reed and Koepka ineveitably find themselves in the playoff of a major this year, what happens? Does the committee running the event cancel it and void the year’s championship? Do The Refuge and/or Twitter crash and shut down forever?


We organise and demand a recount!


I’d cheer for Reed. At least he has a cartoon villain personality. BK has nothing at all.


I’m really excited for Reed to go full villain in 2019


Don’t have all my predictions yet but I will say, almost guarantee, Tiger will not win a major this year.

Yep, I said it.


Masters: Spieth (if he can avoid #12)
PGA: The Athlete
US Open: Jesus
Open: Mr Late Stage Capitalism


Masters: Rick (sorry, @Randy)
US Open: DJ
British: Fleetwood


that would be a dream playoff.


Surely you refer to Jose de Jesus Rodriguez?


Masters: Rory
PGA: Brooksie
US Open: Tiger
Open presented by Her Majesty the Queen: Fleetwood


@bmr21 absolutely going to happen. Wonderful prediction.