2019 Major predictions


Masters - Poulter
PGA - Molinari
US Open - Phil
Open - Tommy Lad

If 1 or 3 are on the cards on Sunday, bring biscuits.


What I want to happen:

Masters: Rory
PGA: Rickie
US Open: Tiger
Open: Rory

What will actually happen:

Masters: Patrick Reed
PGA: Beau Hossler
US Open: Chez Reavie
Open: Zach Johnson


Curse you man…


You know it’s true.

At the start of 2018 who would have had Reed, Koepka, Molinari, Koepka?!


I don’t think any of those 3 was really a shock honestly. I just think that would make for some terrible late Sunday major golf, especially with how the golf world is looking at Patrick after his RC stupidity.


In life we get what we deserve, not what we desire!


Masters: Spieth
US: DJ takes it back
UK: Tommy finally gets it done


Masters: Ian Woosnam
PGA: Ben Kern
US Open: Yuta Ikeda
The Open: John Daly


Cam Champ will win all 4. He will drive the green on every par 4 and half of the par 5s at ANGC causing the green jackets to buy up the entire town for more lengthening.


Masters: Big Cat
PGA: Big Cat
US Open: Big Cat
The Open: Big Cat


This thread can stop now. The proper answer has been given.


gut feeling winners while browsing top 100:

players i got EXCITED ABOUT at least being in the hunt while browsing top 100:
cantlay if he wears all black
si woo
thomas pieters
shane lowry

players i’ll always want to win every major sorry:


32 replies in and no one has mentioned Aphibarnrat. Shameful


Masters: Spieth
US Open: El Tigre
PGA: Tommy Lad
The Open: Rickie (@bigrandy triggered)


If the Masters doesn’t extend Hosung Choi a special invitation it should lose its status as a Major.


The Masters: Rickie Fowler (but I’m not betting on it AGAIN)
PGA: Rory McIlroy
The U.S. Open: Tiger Woods, back at Pebble
The Open: Jordan Spieth

At least here I have one first time major winner which has been the trend of late. I know Rory will be a common pick for The Open but that amount of pressure of playing at your home course, in your home COUNTRY since it’s rarely played in Ireland, is just a LOT. I think Jordan’s game will finally be rounding into shape and he does great on links courses.

As for Tiger winning the Open, I kind of think it lands perfectly. He can obviously win against top talent, he is a West Coast guy who has DOMINATED at Pebble Beach … kind of love this pick.

I picked Rory for the PGA, that’s probably the one I like the least but it’s silly that he hasn’t won a major in years and I’ll give it to him. Could easily see a number of folks winning this one though.


There were too many close calls with 1st timers for 2019 to have more than 1 recurring winner. I think Bryson and Tommy win one. I would LOVE to see some of the new guys seriously contend, and any weekend with cat in the mix will make great entertainment.

Listening to the wrap up pod I forgot how good some of the finishes were…even though brooks and Frankie suffocated everyone out with pars, there were some serious rounds being put up on Sunday.

All this to say that I think 2019 will be an all time year for major drama. 2 of the 4 we normally can expect conditions and just see scoring shift with weather, and normally produce consistent drama. I would be disappointed if Pebble didn’t lead to low scoring, I feel the USGA doesn’t have much room to trick up pebble outside of combed over rough. The PGA is what I’m really interested to see. bethpage in May is NOT what I think of when I think of the PGA, and how they will set that up will be crucial to its receptiveness to scores. The course is already balls hard, I don’t know if they will honestly do much except speed the flat greens up.

I love that three courses this year are former cat victories, If he is going to win another major it HAS to be this year.


Portrush is gonna blow all your minds. Unlike the other rota courses it’s not flat. Up, down, sideways, dunes, cliffs, castles tumbling into the sea. It has everything the great links courses of the world have but are usually missing from Open courses. If the sun shines it’ll be fucking spectacular. If the weather turns harsh it’ll annihilate the field. It’s soooo hard.


Going with my heart, not with my head…

Masters - Speith
PGA - Rory
US Open - Big Cat
Her Majesty’s UK Open - Speith

The picks are likely rubbish, but I do think Speith will have an excellent year. And by “I do think”, I mean, that’s what I want to happen. It’s really the same thing…


If, however, Spieth has another bad year I think it’ll spark an interesting conversation about a pattern of young guns turning up and smashing it round the park in their early 20’s before going off the boil. Rory and Spieth being the two biggest examples.

We shall see.