2019 Hero World Challenge

Who will win? Does anyone care? Why does this start on Wednesday this year? Because of the Presidents Cup? Why can’t Tiger count his five wins in this if Sam can count his wins in lesser events? :slight_smile:


leave the PGA Tour marketing department out of this


When is the event?

I probably have never looked forward to a golf tournament more than I looked forward to the 2016 Hero World Challenge.



This week? I had no idea.

I will be watching the Australian Open.

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I really enjoy watching this event, but it’s disgusting that they give out world ranking points.


Hero is one of the best events of the year.

Fight me.

to be fair, it makes sense from an ELO perspective


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Chez will win. I don’t care, but might tune in regardless. It’s Wednesday-Saturday because of the Presidents Cup. Tiger should be able to count this, but we all know that the wins record is made up anyway.

Having golf on TV (especially this field) on a pretty cool course is better than not having golf on TV. In on the Hero. Also very in on the President’s Cup in primetime at Royal Melbourne.

I’ll be watching to the extent possible.


I agree with the good field and golf on TV, but is this a cool course? It’s not a bad course, but I feel like it’s kind of forgettable. Maybe I’m just not paying enough attention to golf this time of the year.

Eh… pretty cool. Used “pretty” as a qualifier. It looks good on TV and guys normally seem to make a lot of birdies. If wind is up can play kind of tricky.

I’d love to play it!

Sorry, the Hero is a BS, silly season cash grab. A pure Eldrick ass kiss event. It’s a farce that they give out world ranking points.


Plenty of those on both the PGA and Euro tour. Can’t fault this tourney for simply playing the game.

this tournament absolutely is a massive cash grab for Tiger and Friends to frolic in the Bahamas

also, holy shit I can’t wait to watch it


Tiger going bunker to water! Otherwise known as the Osama bin Laden!


I took Xander +160 over Rahm in matchups, down 5 before coverage even started. Not good!

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Bryson will win & stream fornite on the flight to Australia

good to see Notah Begay made the trip, he needed a break from his demanding schedule of [ERROR: file not found]