2019 Goals


As a husband, father of a 3YO girl and baby #2 on the way, this has been an enjoyable read with lots of great advice. Anyway here is what I came up with:

Golf goals
1 - Shoot par or at least beat my personal best (+3 73 shot back in 2015)
2 - Play my 100th course. I mentioned in the "Where have you played?" that I am currently at 81 and there are a ton of great tracks close to me that I have yet to play.
3 - Improve Par Saves from 30% to 45% for the year. I track a ton of stats and this is a glaring weakness in my game.

Personal Goals
1 - Cut the cord. Cable is an insane waste of money.
2 - Read one book per month (golf or non-golf). I probably only read 1-2 books per year.
3 - Beat my personal best for miles run in a year.
4 - Run a half-marathon or 10k+ trail race.



@scuff, Keep it going dude!
Q: do you think weighing less will make you hit it farther? I’ve found exactly the opposite to be true. Feels like in losing 25 lbs I’ve also lost 20-30 yards w/ driver. Legs are stronger, I’m just as flexible, if not more, but have lost at least 20 w/ the big dog. Just sayin’.



I haven’t officially written them down yet, but i’ll give it a crack here to start.

I failed at meeting almost every goal last year, and I’m not really upset about it. I changed jobs and with a 5yo and 2yo there wasn’t much time for personal stuff. Which means my goals for this year are pretty much the same.


  1. Make the cut at the KS Amateur
  2. Qualify for the USGA Mid-Am
  3. Win our club championship
  4. Break par at Prairie Dunes

Non Golf;

  1. Work less.
  2. When I’m not working, BE ENGAGED. I have a tendency to sit with my laptop (like now) and work rather than really pay full attention to the family.
  3. Less time DIY’ing things, pay for services, and do the things I want to do with the people I want to do them with.


Thanks for the encouragement! My club speed has increased and I don’t feel like an old man after hitting 50 balls. I still don’t understand how a pro can hit their 5-iron 255 yards. :exploding_head:

I think I am doing pretty good carrying a 6-iron 180 yards on a consistent basis…190 with roll. But, I don’t know the optimal balance between a person’s mass and swing speed to get the most distance; I’ll leave that to the TPI folks. I can say that even on mishits, my shots are traveling much farther than before.

I have not really tried to hit driver yet since I have been exercising…working on fundamentals with my 8- and 6-irons. I will let you know how it goes.



I just reached one of my goals and secured golf employment at Willow Oaks CC in Richmond as an assistant pro, so hopefully I’ll see you at some VSGA events! (not the Am days, of course … unfortunately …)



Just remember, regarding the professional yardages, they are all compressing the ever-loving heck out of the ball with most likely a delofted strike with a club that very well might be strong to begin with. Yes, they swing faster than most of us, but there are other serious factors to consider.

But I love hearing the exercising talk. Your golf game will thank you, but more importantly your overall quality of life will always be better if you become a habitual fitness devotee.

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I stopped hitting balls a few years ago. Too painful. Got back into it trying to “find my move” before some tournaments this year but it’s pointless.
My 2019 golf goals:

  1. Break into @RobbieVogel’s house and steal all of his third eye blind vinyl and melt it in his own oven.
  2. Write/sell one big long form piece.
  3. Play in next Latin American Amateur.


I agree with @HoganFan52 on this one. Some of the pros have their irons 1-2* stronger and they rarely miss the sweet spot ever.
All the hype was being made about how Rory was on the range hitting his 3 wood over 300 yards of carry and then when you really look at it and find out it’s a 13* wood then it makes sense.

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Hey man! Congrats on the great news. Awesome course, as well. Are you going to play in the State Open qualifier?



I definitely intend to. I imagine there are multiple sites?



There are. They run along with the Am qualifier. When you sign up you check one or both of the boxes for the Am and/or State Open (you just check Open) and pay the fees. The qualifier sites are already posted on VSGA.org.

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Get my game/body back in shape after open heart surgery in November:

-Finish cardiac rehab. Jogging 12 minute miles again - f yeah! (gotta just gut out the heart palpitations).

-Get back out on the course officially next month in Vegas (played a casual 9 about 6 weeks after the surgery and felt good… but definately lack pop).

-Zero trips to ER (inflammation post surgery has sucked and lead to a couple nights back in hospital w/ brutal pain - nothing 2400mg of ibuprofen a day can’t take care of).

-Reading the golf/life/family goals on here I wish everyone good health above all else. ‘18 generally sucked w/ the heart issues. Yes, there were highlights on the course, but the surgery loomed large over my wife and I. Stay healthy, take care of your heart, and practice 3 fters!



Funny story - I actually won a signed copy of the debut album vinyl, complete with unheard demo tapes of most of the songs, in this online contest. Great day for me. Also, I’m changing the locks.



Play in next Latin American Amateur.

Hola, Club Pro Guy!

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How is everyone doing on their goals? I am still holding strong on my nightly workouts and hitting balls multiple times a week. I keep adding weight to my routines, lengthening my time on the bike, and adding exercises to mix it up. I feel great and my swing continues to improve (speed and form) - I even almost have a backswing. @Obleft would be proud!

If you have fallen short of your 2019 goals, now is the time. We are 42 days from the first round of the Masters. You can find others, but I Googled “42 day exercise program” and found this: http://www.rapidptprogram.com/2012/02/42-day-no-gym-program.html

It seems easy to follow and you can do it without a gym as it requires no equipment. Make it your goal to do SOMETHING for your body every day until the Masters. Get your ass going.



bacarat = boring

I’m surprised I didn’t post something in here…

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Being the one that started this thread I feel an obligation to provide an update:

I’ve changed my diet (especially during the week) and have been working out pretty regularly (LIIFT4 on Beachbody is a fantastic full body workout). I’m down ~15lbs, give or take based on alcohol consumption, and feel better than I have in a while. My goal is to lose 50lbs total (I’m a big man) so still have a long way to go. With 3 month old twins and a 4 year old son it’s been hard to find a consistent schedule but doing my best and staying motivated.

I mentioned in my original post that I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, and I have a feeling that’ll rear it’s ugly head the first time I golf this year (I’m in NY so no golf yet in 2019). I know it’s not 100% right now and my golf swing irritates it pretty good. I’ll probably need another shot before I go to Bandon in June but if anyone has dealt with spinal stenosis and has the magic cure (core exercises, stretching, surgery) I would love to hear it. I’m skeptical that weight loss alone will fix it.



Losing 15 pounds is great progress. Keep going!!



newborns and golf are a difficult pairing…
If you have a job, your “free time” must be rationed wisely.
5 hours on the course are 5 hours that your wife is watching the precious one (or ones in the case of the hibernating bear) without your help.
It’s really a selfish game
But there is Hope. Golf is the game of a lifetime. Love the little one and in a few years you will have a new playing partner.
The greatest game of all, is the 3 generation game with your Dad and one or two of your kids.
Different priorities at different times.
Congrats to all the new dads on the thread



This is great news, truly proud of you

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