2019 Fauxlex Series Standings + Season-Long Thread

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Now that teams are selected and one toruney is complete, I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on their draft strategy. Did you look for guys that would play both/most tours? Load up on PGA pros + Euros that play in majors and WGCs? Picked guys you like to follow?

Fire away…

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As a washed up former college golfer, I specifically picked people that wiped the floor with me in junior and college golf. They haunt my nightmares, the least they could do is win me a Fauxlex Cup


My only semblance of strategy was looking at guys that have been trending in a decent direction, particularly down the rankings. I made sure to look them up on the OWGR site to check recent results. Chose guys who finished high within the last year or so and stayed away from anyone who had a bunch of MC’s or had not been playing. But, it was very cursory. Would have loved to spend some time looking at the potential fields of each tournament and optimizing by who was playing in what, but picking the team took long enough already!!

Does anyone know if you can create custom league within the faulex to track how you’re doing vs your friends?

At the top, I tried to pick a mix of guys between Euro and PGA tours so I’d have a decent chunk of players in every event. Once I got below the top few bands of players, I tried to take guys near the top of that rung (taking guys between 251 & 300 in the 251-500 band). I also had to take Housung Choi. That was non-negotiable. Lastly, for most of the lower bands, I tried to take younger guys that did well on the Challenge Tour/Web Tour. I couldn’t find info about who earned cards in Europe, but figured a few of these guys could make noise if they get starts on a bigger tour. Looking back, I probably took a bit too many non-PGA Tour guys, but whatever.

@Randy didn’t really give us a lot of prep time :thinking:

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inside the world top 50 i just went with who i thought were the best players and who would have the best year within their tier.

After that it was spreading it out between tours but primarily focused on guys with upward trajectories or that are either coming off injury, some other change, or something else that may have led to them sliding down the world rankings (Dubuisson, Pieters, Haas, Kaymer). If torn between 2-3 guys within a tier, I wanted to make sure they would be playing in majors, WGC events. Finally, and I mostly failed at this, I tried to not take chalk, knowing that DJ, JT, Champ, Spieth and others like Joaquin Neimann would be very popular in their groups. Most sucked at that, but hoping someone like Adrian Otaegui, Bernd Weisberger, Charley Hoffman, Hao Tong Li or Richie Ramsay can do some damage for me. Guys that peg it on both sides of the pond are a nice plus, or that play in more than 20-25 events total per year.

I put zero effort into calibrating the mortgage stuff or worrying about the smaller events because that will self populate down the standings.

I have no doubt some genius on here would have written an algorithm to optimize by total strokes gained, barometric pressure by hemisphere and the ABV of the most polular local draft beer, all while I am clicking the OWGR page to see if they have some recent T-10’s. I am a-okay with the amount of prep time we had, it probably levels the field for a simpleton like me…

I tried to focus on guys that in the top half that would be spending playing time on both tours, knew very well that most of my top half would have crossover with a bunch of other folks. The lower half i looked for guys that had an upward trend and a history of playing in a lot of events the past few years and may have just missed out on automatically qualifying for the next tour up by just a spot or two. Historically, I am very bad at these things, tend to overthink and miss the obvious picks right in front of my face, and my method never pans out…

I’m not sure about the functionality they offer but there’s always the old fashioned way of checking on Monday morning.

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Strategies differed based on the OWGR categories. Top categories I tried to balance between US and Europe, hence why i didn’t take Rory when I think he can make a big bounce back because I took Brooks and Tommy Lad. Once we got into the 205+ categories, I went with names I heard in contention before and guys that I thought would be fun rooting for.

I can’t wait for the visual of Ho-Sung Choi hitting his approach shots on 6&8 and his tee shot on 7 at Pebble.

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Missed a trick by not having the Money Laundering Cup: any event sponsored by HSBC.

(Wish I’d thought of this before today and been able to suggest it.)


Selection of Brandon Stone was 100% driven by his affinity for hickories and zipping down to the old course and playing a round with them after taking the lead at Carnoustie this year. I support that saucey life.

In hindsight, it came down between him and Thomas Detry in that tier. I likely chose poorly.


Considering I’m only 1,255 points off the lead sitting in that prime 3273 position after the first week… I’d say my draft strategy of personal conjecture coupled with the lower tiers being based purely on name recognition or “hey he has a good golf name;” has put me right there in striking distance from the leaders.


Just inside the top half - I’ll take it! I had a little strategy in the top 250, but after that it was pretty random besides the occasional young guy I felt strongly about

In the top tiers I picked a mix of guys I like to follow, guys I know play a decent amount of both pga and euro tour events (I knew my Saturday and Sunday morning half ass viewings of euro events would come in handy someday). In the lower tiers I picked guys I recognized from web.com and guys with ridiculous names.

Now sure how it will turn out in the end, but currently sitting in 584th place so it’s working for now I guess.

Same. I picked guys that took money off of me in college or mini tour’s. Bold strategy cotton.

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@Randy Are the points not supposed to add all up? Mine is off by 2 points.

I’m quickly realizing how important it is to pick guys that finish in the top 3 in the tournament. 600 points for winner, 330 for second, 210 for third, then it falls of kinda quickly. Picking a bunch of guys that finish 30th-70th isn’t going to get you much!

A bunch of people have picked Kuchar, Putnam, and Lowry! Sheesh. I have a bunch of guys in there making cuts and stuff, but I have like 280 points total. Not good. Gotta pick winners here. Makes me think someone from the lower groups is going to win one of these tournaments like the Oman Open or the Kazakstan Open and a few people are going to jump up the standings in a huge way.

Long season still ahead of us!