2019 Fauxlex Series Sign Up


Brian Gay was my darkhorse of picks. I based this on one video from his swing coach of him saying “this is the best i’ve ever seen him swing it” in 5+ years.


Hard to argue with that logic, and that guy definitely does not lay up in the style department with the sunglasses and the tuxedo shoes. So bad you have to respect it.


His swing coach kills me. “PGA tour player Brian Gay, mayor of Drawsville…yes sir”


I fear I’ve gone with my heart and not my head on too many choices. oh well.


Picked some guys in that last group because I thought they had cool names. Kinda like picking a grey horse at the track. No good reason for selecting.


squad is ready to go, here we come SONY OPEN


Im in. thought it was one pick from each group to start with. Then got a surprise. Took an hour.



Expected more from EasyOfficePools…
I know NLU would never offend anyone, but I’m offended at this blatant oversight.



Really counting on Smylie to make a run here.


More like Frownie Kaufman. (Sorry…I’ll see myself out.)


This is probably bet fit for the Smylie thread, but what is his status by now? Does he have a full card for the entire year?


Thought about taking him so I did a quick search. Can’t find when he plans to return from his medical exemption or how that all works but once he’s done with that exemption he has 5 Tour starts to retain his card. A little foggy on the details but that’s my understanding of the situation.


Pretty upset that Soren Kjeldsen wasn’t available in easyofficepools. Was going to be the difference maker for my team.


He is! He’s in the 101-250 group. One of a handful that moved tiers between mid-Dec and now.


was going to say i thought i saw his name on there while going down the rabbit hole that was picking my team


ah, he’s 255 now…

but fine with it, not worth a pick in that tier!!


yep, there were a few I looked for that moved.


toughest call for me was in the 2nd tie - Spieth or Stenson to be my 3rd. Went Spieth - very unconvincingly.


I’m lucky enough to have been a part of the lauded 2011 HS class… I just picked all the guys that beat me into the ground in AJGA events. Looking at you Spieth, JT, Niebrugge, Ollie.


I am not sure when he will return, but I see he’s swinging a club and practicing. I have to think he will put more focus into his game this time around. He has talent, but a lot of extra curricular things have gotten in his way along with his injury. He has something to prove to keep his card.