2019-20 Race for the Fredex Cup

The thread for the 2019-20 Season of the Fredex Cup, quite possibly, the most prestigious competition involving Bengal and Jaguar fans of the past decade. Pick your team and support them through a manner of your choosing. Send them nice hand-written letters, tweet notes of encouragement at them, shout their name on the broadcasts, try to help steal a spot on Rickie Tour Live, the world is your oyster. Best of luck to everyone.


Are we just picking any six or do are we using Big Randy’s suggestion to pick one from a round?

If any six:

If trying to stick to the “official” draft
Hovland (1)
Ventura (2)
McCumber (3)
Duncan (4)
Baker (6)
Burgoon (ND)

I would think any six because they didn’t do all 10 rounds. If that’s the case:



Viktor Hovland
Scott Harrington
Kramer Hickcok
Zac Blair
Harry Higgs
Brendan Todd

@Randy should make the call. I’ll wait to place my 6 picks until there is clarity on any 6 or one per round.

I think a fair stipulation is you can pick anyone who hasn’t been picked yet in the NLU draft yet per round. ie: You want to take a 5th round pick 2nd, that fine. But you can’t take a 2nd round pick in the 5th round. Anyone not picked is fair game.


Fredex Cup is starting out in stellar fashion as fiscal year assumed

Cancel all picks until further notice from the big fella! Scummy if you think you can draft two first-rounders!



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What is ludicrous is that DJ ruined everything by drafting Blair in the first round. I’ll have to complete change my team!

Does anyone have the draft board as well as the entire list of fred exers

@Randy, it would be appreciated if you could post the players drafted by round, so we can have a proper draft here without scummy selection

until that list is here (via Randy or anyone else), this draft ought to be suspended (and previous drafts that violate this condition ought to be invalidated).


Quick pod listen…

Rd. 1:
Hovland (Soly)
Scheffler (TC)
Blair (DJ)
Zhang (Neil)
Hossler (Randy)

Just based on rd. 1 everyone who has posted picks so far here has an invalid draft - @eddieb85, @jranieri, @Arty, @jcm3

(Also, come on guys. Picking multiple guys in KFC Top 5 and Hovland? Really now? @Arty ? Is this even interesting?)

I know they said they would post it on the site, but who knows when.

i posted rd. 1, a quick 5-min listen should be able to produce rd. 2, go for it

@nandersen just going off what the first two guys did… i’ve already listened to POD i understand what you’re saying but w/ no actual draft that was just a quick post… but if you want to pick any 6 and have a side bet I’m listening

Nothing wrong with picking any 6 from the top 50. Would have less overlap between Refuge teams and it’s not like you can stack your team and guarantee winning anything at this point. @Spencer won with the 1, 5, 9, 12, 24, 38 priority guys at the beginning of the season.

I would be against picking based off what the guys did in their rounds too. The pool of players is too small to make it interesting. Better option would be to divide it up, something like pick 1 from priority 1-10, 2 from 11-25, and 3 from 26-50.


It’s a pretty simple set of draft rules:

You can only ever draft further down. So, if you take Hovland, which probably everyone will, then you can’t take another guy in the first round. If you don’t take a “first rounder”, then you can take anyone with that pick. You just can’t take a guy after the NLU guys drafted him, but you can always take someone before he got picked up.

I’m down with this. How about the brackets are.

1-5 (1x)
6-15 (2x)
16-50 (3x)

Or just pick any 6. I don’t think anyone is just going to pick from the top 10. We’re all too woke.


Guise, just tell me what to do. I need clear and concise directions.