2018-19 FredEx Cup Standings + Season-Long Thread


so early and likely jinxing it, but loving Champ and Tringale in 1st and 2nd after round 1 of the Sanderson. I’m sure many others have it as well.

1, T-2, T-31, T-66, T-66


Goodness, I just looked at the leaderboard and saw that 19-year-old Norman Xiong is leading. Not to overreact, but:





Wyndham Clark birdies the last 2 to make the cut on the # and my team is 5/5 for playing this weekend.

Thanks for setting this up. Gives me some added interest when I’d otherwise have to watch the WGC event for my golf fix.


After Day Three:


Can’t wait to see the mass Icarito my guys pull Sunday.


Looking ahead to next week, everybody Frittelli and beyond (except Roberto Castro on a Sponsor Exemption) is on the outside looking in and needs to sneak into the Top 10 to get the auto exemption barring any withdrawals. Anybody that does sneak into the Top 10 bumps Lindheim, Ortiz, Luck. Also, Bill Haas could bump somebody if he fulfills his medical exemption (needs a top 4, currently T6, but a top 10 would get him into the field)

Others who could bump somebody with a top 10 include:
DJ Trahan
Dylan Meyer
Andres Romero
Chad Ramey
Jonathan Byrd
Norman Xiong


Cameron Champ just threw an absolute strike
From what looked like no good on 18. Deserves every part of that win.


We end this weekend



A good week for the Mike Honcho All-Stars.


T54, T50, T35, T7, T3, and a 1st is a pretty good week.


T3, T3, T7, T14, T54, MC

Not a terrible week, but I probably won’t hold onto the lead over anybody with Cameron Champ.


Guys, reporting your weekly results is like talking about your fantasy team…no one cares. Just wait for the updated spreadsheet. :roll_eyes:


10/29 UPDATE:

Enormous movement as we had a lot of web graduates not only make the cut (31), but 9 of the top ten + ties were graduates. Congrats to @GluteActivator who raked in almost $1.5MM of nonexistent money, pulled in 4 top tens this week, and snagged the Fredex Cup lead.

For the Shriner’s this week, everyone has at least 4 in play. Anyone form Dylan on down in the priority rankings are alternates or out of the field.

As a comical aside, looks like Spieth is beginning his apology tour for not meeting his required starts last year. In the field this week & next in Playa del Carmen. Perhaps he’s squeezing in a clandestine wedding ceremony in between and doubling his trip to Mexico as a honeymoon…hmmph :face_with_monocle:


I really like where you are going with this Spieth thing. If he gets married while being out of town for work, is that going to be a “business expense”? Maybe he asked the tournament organizers if he could have a hotel upgrade (e.g., honeymoon suite) in exchange for him playing.


@Randy… In the cellar. I’ll equate this up to a participating tournament host. Tough to pull double duty.

And it’s early…


“We now go live to Steve Sands with @GluteActivator

@GluteActivator, it’s only week 2 but your team managed to pull out the win here this week and take over the lead in the FredEx Standings, how are you feeling?”

“Yeah you know, it was a battle out there. There was a lot of good golf being played, heard a lot of cheers coming out of the groups ahead, but I’m really just so proud of the guys and how they maintained their composure down the stretch. Winning out here is never easy so when you can do it, it’s a good feeling.”

“What does this do for your team’s confidence going forward for the rest of the season?”

“I mean it’s great to get a win like this early on, build some confidence, but we aren’t going to get complacent, we have bigger goals in mind as a team. We are gonna get back home and just focus on improving every day but I want to make sure these guys enjoy the win because that’s important too. It’s a long season, lot of golf to be played so I’m excited to see where it takes us.”

“Thanks, @GluteActivator. Congrats on the win.”

“Thanks Sandsy”


You can’t @ yourself. And, you especially can’t do it three times!


We went from 31 to 13 in the rankings.

/waits in empty media tent


Certainly not a dream start for my squad but the war will have many battles! I stand behind my team now more so than ever. It’s always darkest before the dawn.


apparently, fairways are irrelevant

Champ - 46.43% (1)
Burns - 55.36% (T3)
Reeves - 48.21% (T7)
Clark - 39.29% (T54)
Davis - 57.14% (Cut)
Trainer - 50.00% (Cut)