2018-19 FredEx Cup Standings + Season-Long Thread


(Big thanks to @2trickpony for the help putting this together and his willingness to maintain throughout the year. Also, big thanks to all who volunteered, you guys are great.)

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Annnnnnnd we’re off! eddieb85 with the early lead…


Fact check: True.


In the top 50%, just like my law school class rank.

And I went strictly on driving distance



Godspeed @2trickpony as it looks like you plan on manually adding up every player and team’s earnings each week.


Not aiming to compete with @2trickpony but here is another tracker to back up his spreadsheet.



Excellent work here. And tableau isn’t blocked on my work internet like google docs is so that’s even better!


Not to worry, what you see is simply a paste of an extensive [but fully automated!] consolidation. We’ll get into some deep stats as the season unfolds.


Heavy Automation, Tableau, Cloud technologies - are we sure this man isn’t cooking the books?



He looks like an ex-Enron executive in a witness protection program.


Kenneth (No) Lay(ing Up)


Not to get into white collar crime talk but fun fact: Andrew Fastow came and spoke at my school senior year. STILL maintains innocence after conviction and serving 10+ years, and spent most his lecture explaining [defending] how utilizing off-balance sheet accounting can be an effective way to capitalize a growing company.


FWIW, Jeff Skilling was recently released to a halfway house. Has anyone seen @Tron and Mr. Skilling in the same room together?



Either we both went to the same school or he was on a lecture tour haha. I thought he was full of it but it was a captivating 90 minutes nonetheless. Set the hook with the CFO of the year award and prison ID received in the same year.


So upset I was late to the party on this and the pod. I will look on with interest and pray for a mid-season draft for slow pokes like me.


Perhaps there could be scope for a belated entry for folks like @MatthewM and they just don’t get money for their players’ percormances before they entered? And set a final date by which teams have to be in? What say you, @Randy?


There’s almost no way to predict future performance in golf based on the first tournament so I don’t think they get any advantage, and if they miss out on the first tournament, there’s really no prejudice to the rest of us for a late entry

in a way, it’s no different than a player skipping a tournament


I’ll leave it up to @2trickpony as he’s updating the standings/spreadsheet. If it’s cool with him we’ll allow more entries through this Friday’s play. Wouldn’t be proper not having @MatthewM involved…