2 iron or Hybrid?


10 years ago I used to play a 2 iron because the home course my team played required it.

I then got a 2 hybrid as I played less and I guess it was okay. Never loved it- but was easier.

I’ve lost all faith in it and just bought the TM 790udi 2 iron.

What do you prefer?


at my skill level, I just try to play the clubs that are easiest for me to hit. In my particular case it means hybrids over long irons.

with this Webb Simpson win…I’m toying with the idea of getting a 5 wood and replacing an iron with a 5h


I can’t play hybrids to save my life. I don’t like the look or feel and can never hit them well.

On the other hand, love hitting long irons off the tee and they are a critical part of my punchout game (h/t ClubProGuy). Have been eyeing the TM 790UDIs or Titleist T-MBs, so curious if people like them or not.


I had hit both

Titleist feels more pure when you strike it perfect… but I’m done basing buying a club based on when I hit it perfect. Lol

The TM is more forgiving for me and was longer.

I cannot even look down at a hybrid anymore.


Tough question to answer in a broad sense. I think it completely depends on your game and swing. It seems higher handicaps tend to be able to make more consistent contact with a hybrid.

Personally, I find a hybrid to suit my game better than a 2 iron. I feel comfortable with both, but am more consistent with hybrid (Callaway XR Pro 3H). Safe tee shots, fairway into par 5s, short par 4s is typically where I use that club. For me, a 2 iron is better out of the rough, but I rarely need that type of length from poor lies anyway.

Anyways, it’s very subjective depending on the player.


I used to play hybrids but my miss was a nasty hook. I’ve since gone to the newer forgiving long irons and love them, they are a lot more accurate for me.


I play a titleist T-MB 3 iron bent strong 1 degree. I also have a hybrid but can’t hit it for my life. I love the 3 iron and it is super easy to control the trajectory and get it to run out, but agree with @Shankapotomous it is not as easy to hit as I thought it would be. Definitely not super forgiving, however I love it when i do hit it well-- and for the most part I do. Really interested in the TM and would love to hear what people think about it!


That;s what I have. 3 wood, 5 wood, 22 degree 4 hybrid, then 4 iron.


what’s the loft of your 4 iron?


I hit a 2-iron because it was in my set when I was first taking up the game. I feel like it helped. But I don’t miss it, especially now that I 75% of the time flush the hell out of my 19-degree hybrid I now have.


2 iron 1000% put it in your bag buy a brand new one please easier club to hit


I actually have both. In Illinois (especially in the Fall and Spring) I’ll use the 2 iron because I feel like it has a lower, flatter ball flight with more roll to fight the wind. In the Summer, (when hitting high, soft shots becomes more of a premium) I’ll hit hybrids. Also, in soft conditions I’ll always carry the hybrid and try to play it slightly back in my stance for better contact.


The Srixon z-65 is a pretty good option too. More forgiving than the Titty & TM driving irons but still looks like a proper iron.


I change out a Titleist 816 H1 19* (adjusted to 17.5*; Whiteboard 90X) and an 18* Taylormade UDI (KBS C-Taper 110X). It just depends on the course and the conditions. The hybrid is probably a little easier to clip off the turf, and it has more penetrating ball flight off the tee that tends to carry a little farther and run out more. The UDI I use primarily off the tee, back in my stance, when I need to find a fairway, but don’t really hit it much off the turf when I’m carrying it because I don’t find the interaction to be very satisfactory. The hybrid typically carries about 235 and runs out to 250, while the UDI carries about 225 and rarely runs out much with a slightly higher ball flight that lands a little softer. At my home course, if I’m playing the tips, or if it’s wet/soft, its the hybrid; 1 up or faster conditions, usually the UDI.

It’s all personal preference and whatever the conditions dictate.


How does @Tron’s newly debuted sexwood factor in to this discussion?


Retweet on this. I put a steel shaft in mine and the thing is a rocket ship.


It’s a game changer.


Hybrid for me for sure, although that speaks more to my limited skill level than anything. I can see the appeal of being able to hit 2 iron but it’s just too hard to get a handle of. I’ve got one hybrid in my bag now and honestly am thinking of getting more, I only have the one 3 hybrid and think my game would benefit for more long easier to hit clubs like that.


Wouldn’t trade my 8 year old 18* hybrid for the world.


I play a 2 iron mostly because a lot of the courses in WA are tight with trees on both sides. A low ball flight hits the fairway more often than my hybrid did. I also play the Srixon. Looks great and it goes! That being said when I go play Chambers Bay or other wide open courses the hybrid goes back in the bag.